Previously known as the MS in Information Management, the iSchool will now offer a master’s degree in Information Systems. The name change will better reflect the skills students learn in the program and career opportunities available to them after graduation.

The Master of Science in Information Systems is designed to help students navigate the ever-transforming digital world. Through hands-on skills learned in their coursework, graduates of the program will be prepared to make an impact on any industry. Some of the skills learned in the program include digital solutions design, management strategy, working with big data, and analyzing how policy impacts information. Students graduate prepared to enter a range of fields, including consulting, IT services and management, and more.

The degree program requires 42 credit hours and students take a combination of core courses and electives to complete the degree. Students also have the option to personalize their degrees with Certificates of Advanced Study in Data Science, Information Security Management, Cloud Management, Process Automation, Health Information Systems or Enterprise Systems. Each certificate can be completed without taking additional courses outside the master’s degree. Typically, the program can be completed within 1-2 years.

If you’re ready to become a leader in the information systems field, apply to our MS in Information Systems program today! Visit our program page for more information.