Margo Gustina

Adjunct Professor

I’m passionate about the profession of librarianship, as distinct from other information professions. I believe that libraries, as institutions, hold a unique potential to improve lives and communities. My work is dedicated to unlocking that potential through interactions, interventions, and collaborations with emerging and long standing librarians, with and without librarianship credentials.

To see how that plays out in my professional positions, in the workshops I’ve offered, and training curriculum I’ve developed, see


Art (all of it!), queer and gender studies essays, sudden fiction, short fiction where you have to pay attention and not very much actually happens, narrative nonfiction, my family, kid art, music that I love and none that I don’t love, stand-up comedy, being outside, making things for and with people. Hmm, my personal interests are living my life all the way. I think maybe this would work better if I listed what I am not interested in, personally. I’m not interested in consuming social media, celebrities, products to buy, most tv. That said, if there was something you liked that you wanted to share with me in the aforementioned categories, I would be very interested in what you want to tell me about it and why.


Social justice in libraries! Removing structural barriers from access to the resources of our profession – in employment, service, and education.


My current funded research is Rural Library Service and Social Wellbeing: Research and Resources – 2018-2021. For more information and to follow our progress, visit our page on Open Science Framework after October 1st, 2018.

Other interests include efficiency in public library administration, regenerative design principles in library practice, and radical inclusivity in library organizations – service & personnel.


For SU, I am an adjunct who assists with one course, IST 663 – Motivating 21st Century Learners, two terms per year – April and October.

In my work outside SU:

Designing instruction on public library fundamentals for non-MLS holding library managers

Bridging the gap between professional ethics and practice

Whole systems thinking in non-heirarchical community engaged practice