It is crazy to think that my time in Italy is coming to an end. It feels like as I am just getting completely adjusted to the Italian lifestyle, it is time to leave! However, I am very excited to go home and drink an iced coffee.

Maximizing Teamwork

Throughout the course of my internship, something that I am very proud of is the content that my team and I have generated. I would not consider myself a very fashionable person, as I would much rather wear leggings than a skirt, so I took a step back when it came to styling outfits for photoshoots. However, this is where some of the other interns thrived and I think it is important to assess strengths and weaknesses in order to maximize productivity and output.

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After outfits were chosen and photoshoots were complete, I would step in and edit these photos to make them look their very best and be showcased on the Instagram page. Together my team worked strongly and was able to create something greater than one could do alone.

Social Media for Small Businesses

Seeing the content we created going up on the Instagram picture by picture makes me feel good because for once my work is being seen by other people (in another country!) and isn’t just another paper written for my professors’ eyes only. If each photo is seen by just a few more people than the last, Illaria Tolossi – owner of Essére Atelier – has a greater chance of more business or connections.

When working for a large company I think that business growth only increases the wealth and reputation of the company. For a small business you are able to directly impact the shop owner and what they bring home to their family.

Something else that I have learned at my internship is that I enjoy blogging! As well as writing here, I also write for Essére Atelier’s WordPress where I have published posts on the history of the store as well as how to style some of the clothing! I find that blogging is a less formal way to show my voice, thoughts, research, and experiences.

Where I Traveled: Rome & Capri

This weekend was FULL of exploring as I traveled from Florence to Rome to the Amalfi Coast! During my one day in Rome I was able to see the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Colosseum, and St. Peters Basilica.

My parents met me in Rome where we took the train to Naples and then a ferry to Capri! This island was stunning with its crystal-clear blue water, rocky beaches, and high views over the whole island.

by Lexah Pyskadlo