To continue its role as an educational leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency, the iSchool will host the First Syracuse Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Research Workshop from August 16-18. The workshop, hosted by Syracuse University professor Lee W. McKnight, will bring together and recognize ongoing diverse research on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

“There’s daily media noise around the whole space of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs,” explains McKnight. “We want to ignore the noise and ensure there’s real research substance to the event. Some may dismiss cryptocurrencies as fraud. And while there are cryptocurrency frauds around, there are also legitimate research questions and student employment opportunities.”   

The iSchool has positioned itself at the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrency research and education in recent years by offering the first blockchain management course, which is now standardized as IST 408 for undergraduates, and offered online and in-person for master’s students. Through this course, students participate in hands-on blockchain and cryptocurrency research projects of their own creation. Many students and faculty associated with WiTec, the Worldwide innovation Technology entrepreneurship club, and the newly formed Cryptocuse club have engaged in related research, which the workshop will highlight.

“One workshop objective is getting an ongoing dialogue going between the academic community, the business community, and government about cryptocurrencies and blockchain innovation and policy,” says McKnight. “The various round tables will provide a way for dialogue, while research paper presentations and student blockchain project demos will be, for all of us, leading-edge learning opportunities and may help set the direction for further research.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from some of the biggest names in blockchain and cryptocurrency, including Coinmint, which operates the largest digital currency data center in North America -operating sustainably on environmentally-friendly hydro-power provided by NYPA. They can also enjoy sessions on blockchaining cyber-physical communities, the cryptocurrency mining industry, and blockchain law, policy, and regulation research.

Confirmed keynote speakers include Professor Steve Lupien from the University of Wyoming Center of Blockchain Excellence, Professor Ian Taylor from the University of Notre Dame and SIMBA Chain, Dr. Naseem Naqvi, Founder of British Blockchain Association and University Professor Carl Schramm.

Workshop sponsors include SimbaCoinmintVMware, and the Syracuse University Renee Crown University Honors Program

Registration for this event is free. Attendees can attend sessions in-person at 111 Hinds Hall or via Zoom. In-person capacity is limited. Visit the event website for a complete schedule and a list of speakers.