Bobbi Whitney and Paige Koss have been recognized as Syracuse University Scholars, the highest honor an SU student can receive. Each year, eight to twelve outstanding seniors are awarded the honor. These students are selected based on academic achievement, evidence of intellectual growth, and contributions to the academic environment.

Bobbi Whitney

Bobbi Whitney ’21

Whitney is an information management and technology major at the iSchool with a minor in psychology from the College of Arts and Sciences. She is also a member of the Renee Crown honors program. Outside of academics, she is the lead peer advisor for the iSchool, works as a streaming support specialist for SIDEARM Sports, and is a member of Greek life.

“This is a huge honor and very shocking to me. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the email that I had been selected,” said Whitney. “I worked super hard on my application and portfolio so it was nice to be recognized and see the culmination of my work falling into place before graduation.”

Paige Koss

Paige Koss ’21

Koss is a dual major in the iSchool and the Whitman School of Management with majors in information management and technology, finance, and supply chain. On campus, she is involved in the professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi and Enactus, a social entrepreneurship club in Whitman. She also serves as a Whitman Ambassador and was a resident advisor for over two years.

“I was totally blown away when I found out that I had been selected as an SU Scholar,” said Koss. “And then I got this overwhelming feeling that I wouldn’t be here without the support systems of people that loved me at both Whitman and the iSchool.”

Initially, Koss was single-enrolled in Whitman with a minor in the iSchool, but loved the classes so much that she decided to become a full dual major between the two schools during her junior year.

“The iSchool has really helped shape my portfolio of knowledge. When I was a single major, I was very focused on just one thing and now I have a wide view of business and technology that helped me secure a job before graduating,” said Koss.

Both have big plans for their lives post graduation. Whitney will be working at IBM as a tech consultant, in a role that will require a lot of traveling after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Koss will be working as an applications and programs analyst at Deloitte in Philadelphia.

“I am so grateful for my time at the iSchool and I want to thank everyone there who always believed in me and nominated me for this award,” said Whitney.