Think you know enough about the iSchool to pass Ghufran’s quiz?

Ghufran Salih ’20 goes out on the Syracuse University campus to test some unsuspecting classmates on their iSchool knowledge. See if you know the answers to her questions!

Q: What does the “i” in iSchool stand for?

If you guessed information, you’re right!

iSchool is short for School of Information Studies. The iSchool offers degree programs that span the information sciences, such as Information Management & Technology, Library and Information Science, and Applied Data Science.

Q: How many undergraduate degrees does the iSchool offer?

The iSchool offers one undergraduate degree, which is the B.S. in Information Management and Technology.

The iSchool also offers two duals: one with the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, and another with the Martin J. Whitman School of Management.

Additionally, the iSchool has two minors: one in Information Management & Technology for non-iSchool majors, and another in Information Technology, Design, and Startups for more entrepreneurial students.

Also, Taylor gives a great overview to the IM&T concentrations, which include database management, digital retail strategies, information security management, network and systems management, project management, and web design and management.

Q: What building is the iSchool located in?

The iSchool is located on the main quad in Hinds Hall. And it does have a clock on it.

If you want to take a tour of the iSchool, you can take one with Ghufran as your tour guide!


Q: When was the iSchool established?

The iSchool was established way back in 1896, but it wasn’t known as the iSchool back then. Syracuse University started offering library science courses in 1896, with the School of Library Science officially forming in 1915.

Then, in 1974, the School of Library Science was renamed the School of Information Studies. This name change reflected the change that library science was evolving into the much broader field of information science.

In fact, Syracuse University was the first library science school ever to fully embrace the change to information and become an “iSchool” instead of just a library science school. So when you hear that the Syracuse University iSchool is “the original information school,” that’s what that means.

Q: Which Apple product inspired the name of the iSchool?

If you guess the iPad, iPod, iPhone, or any of the other “i” products … you’re wrong!

This is a trick question. The “i” stands for “information,” and Apple products did not inspire the name.

Q: Are you subscribed to the iSchool’s YouTube channel?

If not, you should be! Subscribe here.