Meet Maya, Chris, and Junci. They’re three iSchool students who will tackle some of the assumptions about the iSchool. These assumptions are often from high school students or people from the outside.

Assumption 1: iSchool students can’t go abroad

Not true! As Chris states, he just came back from a semester in Barcelona, Spain. The iSchool even has an international requirement to graduate, which can be fulfilled by going abroad or through a number of Experiential Learning.

Maya will be going on the AsiaTech immersion program, which involves visiting four countries in May. She will be visiting a number of companies and do cultural immersion there as well.

Junci is also going abroad to London, but she says that international students aren’t required to go abroad since they’re already studying in the United States.

All in all, studying abroad is a great idea for many students. But one must make sure that their desired program fits in with the curriculum and time needed to graduate.

Assumption 2: People in technology make a good living

Junci agrees with this statement, especially since iSchool student starting salaries are typically at about $67,000 and placement rates are high, averaging around 90% every year. While starting out in any field may be intimidating, technology jobs are in high in demand.

Assumption 3: The iSchool is collaborative

Maya believes that the iSchool classes are very collaborative. Group projects are often required in class. This is especially helpful since the technology industry is naturally collaborative.

Chris says he’s had classes where students prepare various IT packages for companies. This gives students close to a real life experience to what they’ll be doing after graduation!

Assumption 4: The iSchool is overlooked

Even if the iSchool is small, there are still plenty of desired opportunities that students can access. While some experiences are specifically only for iSchool students, students from other schools could experience some of its events and activities.

Maya notes the number of intra-university transfer (IUT) students that come into the iSchool. IUTs are students who transfer programs or schools within Syracuse University.

There are also great dual programs available for iSchool students. One may choose to pair their Information Management and Technology major with a major from the Whitman School of Management or the Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Assumption 5: You have to be “techy” to be in the iSchool

You don’t need to be technology fluent for acceptance to the iSchool. For example, once you learn the basics, you can focus on the business aspect of technology. There are plenty of career options that one can take with an information technology degree. Never be afraid to explore your opportunities!

With domestic and international immersion experiences, great career placement rates, and collaborative atmosphere, the iSchool is a unique place where you can pursue your passion through information technology.

If you ever wonder if it’s for you, feel free to explore our main program, the B.S. in Information Management and Technology. And to keep learning about the iSchool, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel or read more from InfoSpace about iSchool life.

Video by Lianza Reyes