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Last-Minute Tips for Career Fair!

We have reached the final preparation stage for iCareer Day on Monday. At this point, you’ve already done your research and made sure your resume is ready to go. Now it’s time to focus on the event itself and how you will use it to start building your professional network. Dress for the Job You … Continued

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LinkedIn Requests for the Young Professional

So you just made an account on LinkedIn. Your peers seem to have illustrious profiles rife with endorsements and connections while yours looks sad and lonely. Don’t panic. Organic growth and a fully fleshed out profile takes time.   As young professionals, we are at the bottom of the business food chain. With business acumen … Continued


How to Find Your Grad School Match

If you’re thinking of getting a graduate degree in information studies of any sort, you’ve probably already looked at school rankings, surfed schools’ degree program sites, and Googled “best information schools” at least once. That’s what I was doing about a year ago, and I felt overwhelmed. Considering schools and the master’s program options, I had so many questions buzzing around in my head, I felt paralyzed at times. Should I pursue online or on-campus study? Am I willing to relocate to a new state? How am I going to pay for this? And, most importantly, what school is right for me?

via: Startup Quotes "No more romanticizing about how cool it is to be an entrepreneur. It’s a struggle to save your company’s life - and your own skin - every day of the week."

Emails, Phone Calls and Meetings: How to Make a Good Impression

In honor of Steve Jobs, this week’s recommended reading: Guy Kawasaki on What I Learned… There are five us at Rounded now and we all know different things. To reconcile this, we do something called “Figure It Out Fridays” (we’re opening these up to everyone next week!). During these learning sessions, we teach each other … Continued


Student Post: Spring Break in Silicon Valley

The following is a guest post from Le Moyne College student Matthew Werbeck. Photo credit LaughingSquid. FACEBOOK As we ventured into Facebook today it looked like one regular building except for the fact that the door says HACK.  No pictures allowed at all in Facebook but you can leave your mark on the “rubber band … Continued

Dont bury the lead: Put the answer upfront

Students in IST 486/686 yesterday reminded me of an old adage – Don’t bury the lead. Burying the lead is something that we do all the time, even in social media. Look at a news web site and you can quickly understand what any story is going to be about.  A good headline should make … Continued

Networking vs. Notworking

Hi. My name is… Networking has become a huge part of my new job. I spend a significant amount of my day corresponding, meeting, tweeting, and greeting new people to spread the word about all of the exciting things going on at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies. So far, this has gone incredibly well. Generally, … Continued

The Power of Asking

Asking is an incredibly powerful tool. Here are two examples of the power of asking from this week alone – and it’s only Thursday! Asking O’Reilly Earlier this week I asked in a tweet if anyone knew anybody at O’Reilly Media who might be able to help me attend their annual Web 2.0 Summit, taking place November 15-17 … Continued