Spring Break in Silicon Valley 2017 - The Syracuse University iSchool

Spring Break in Silicon Valley: Where Brain Power Meets Passion

Spring Break in Silicon Valley (SBinSV) is a week-long immersion trip hosted by the iSchool every spring. This immersion trip is a three-credit course with an emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship, and real-world exposure to different industries. After a competitive application process, 19 students – ranging from sophomores to graduate students, and with majors from information management … Continued


Study Abroad: Calling all iSchool Students

I hate to admit it but I’m one of those students. The ones who come back from a semester overseas and casually, but smugly, wear their elephant pants from Thailand while complaining about the lack of seasoning in American food. Yes, I’m recently back and better than ever from a semester abroad in Singapore. And no, … Continued

Students on the EntreTechNYC 2016 trip. Photo by Ross Nadel '17.

EntreTech NYC 2016: Grit, Passion, Transparency, and More

Back in May, a group of students embarked on the iSchool’s annual EntreTech NYC Trip, one of many iSchool Trips where students can learn by going into the field. There, they made 19 visits (scroll to the bottom to see the complete list of those who hosted!), networked with iSchool alumni, and got to take an inside look at … Continued

Menotti Minutillo

From Goldman to Uber – An Alumni Journey

In the past few years, the term “disruptive technology” has become something used to signify a change in how things have been done. It symbolizes a new state of mind, a vision of millennials forging into the future, into uncharted territories, while exploring outside of the confines of past practices and into an area of … Continued

EntreTech Day 5

Sandbox Demo Day a Hit; Students Reflect on Experiences

Max Ruditsky and Mohamed Mahboug both walked onto the stage ready for their pitch their new business concept to the audience at the Student Sandbox Demo Day. However, to everyone’s surprise, the two Urangle cofounders weren’t acting as themselves — at least not for the first 60 seconds. Instead, they acted as two friends who … Continued

SXStyle: The Marriage of Retail and Tech at SXSW 2015

As I was boarding the plane for Austin, I couldn’t help but notice that I was among both the trendiest and most high-tech group of flyers I had ever seen. While this realization happened before my SXSW experience officially began, it was symbolic of my trip as a whole. One of my favorite aspects of … Continued

Women Take Center Stage at SXSW 2015

As strides are being made in other aspects of society, a controversial and often debated topic is the gender equality, or lack thereof, in the American workforce. Most frequently cited is the shortage of women in science and technology fields, or STEM. Luckily, the presence of women at SXSW this year was a giant step … Continued

#SBinSV: Day Six–The Last Day

Author’s note: For the duration of Spring Break this week, 15 students from across the Syracuse University campus have the opportunity to visit dozens of technology companies in and around the San Francisco area. Follow along with them during their days of travel, tours, and fun times. Day Six: The last day of our trip was … Continued