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Cybersecurity for College Students: Here’s What Matters

College students have a lot on their minds. Cybersecurity probably isn’t one of them. “Safe surfing” generally gets lower priority than other things that might be on their minds, but a few simple steps taken in advance can significantly increase your security posture. Take a few minutes to make these changes and you’ve suddenly made … Continued


Cookie Clearinghouse: Will It Crumble Online Advertisers?

The war over online cookies and web tracking is just getting started. How long will it last and what does it mean for advertisers? Consumer privacy has turned into quite the hot-button issue lately. After details leaked surrounding the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA) conducting controversial surveillance programs on domestic and foreign citizens, people are … Continued

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Games As Educational Tools: Teaching Skills, Transforming Thoughts

Games, and the entertainment value of play, have the ability to teach and transform. We don’t think about that as children playing hide-and-seek in the neighborhood. We don’t acknowledge it during turns at charades or throughout the rounds of a board game. That’s because games are engaging and entertaining. And precisely because they are, research shows, … Continued

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The Power of Technology to Unite People in Times of Tragedy

As you all know, a major tragedy struck Boston on April 15. It left America frozen in shock, and affected people all around the world who had loved ones running in the Boston Marathon. Prime suspects, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, are believed to have caused this heartless tragedy. Although Tamerlan (26) has passed away, Dzhokhar (19) … Continued