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Getting Ready for My School Library Internship

Inquiry, reading, curiosity, exploration, coding, makerspaces, research, storytime, collaboration, personalized learning … Images of students and fellow teachers engaged in these activities swirl through my head as I prepare to take the biggest step so far in my graduate program at Syracuse University. I’m beginning my internship as a Library Media Specialist (LMS) at J.T…. Read the full article…

The Importance of Academic Libraries

On a philosophical note, finding articles and searching for information is one part of learning about the world of learning, and part of the experience of coming to a college or university. We learn from and with others during our four (or more years) of connectedness with an institution. We learn about the research process from instructors, peers, and the recorded and preserved work of others, much of which is available in libraries. We are all part of a larger environment that promotes learning, now and in the future – and we work together on this.