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Data Privacy: Demystifying The GDPR

Editor’s Note: This post was a collaboration between graduate student Smirity Kaushik and assistant professor Yang Wang. Have you noticed that recently many companies such as Google, Spotify, and LinkedIn have sent emails or alerts notifying you about changes in their privacy policies? Why are they all doing that? Well, companies around the world are getting… Read the full article…

End-User License Agreements: From the Absurd to the Unfair

We all install software on our systems everyday and we all know the motions. Run the installer, click next repeatedly, say you agree to the End User License Agreement, click next a few more times, and finally the glorious finish button appears. At that point we may go on our merry way enjoying the application we just installed. Has you ever read through one of the EULAs? I have read through a few and have found some very bizarre conditions listed that we agree to without really knowing it.

Is Your Social Media Presence An Accurate Portrayal of Who You Are?

It’s no secret that people are willing to say more digitally than in person. People are much more willing to text someone rather than call them, look up something on the internet rather than ask someone for an answer, or comment on something rather than tell a person their thoughts directly. The Information Age has put all aspects of our lives into the world of social media. We no longer need to send pictures out in the mail – we have Facebook for that. Twitter is used to share our ideas and talk to others, and we have Foursquare to tell our friends where we are, who we’re with, and when we’re there.

Too Close for Comfort

“What I do in the privacy of my home is my own business!” Well, not anymore buddy. The 90’s got over a long time back. I have accounts on Facebook and Twitter, I have three private blogs and I don’t shy from posting pictures and ideas and letting people comment on them. Needless to say,… Read the full article…