Access to Free Online Learning: Why It Matters

In mid October, The Chronicle of Higher Education published an article about a threat to free online education. The state of Minnesota attempted to stop Coursera from offering free online courses to state residents. Citing an outdated law, Minnesota prohibits institutions from offering course credit or degrees without first obtaining permission. The law is intended … Continued


Keeping the Internet Awesome: The Ultimate Bipartisan Issue

There has been some talk over the past few months in our (hopefully) post-SOPA society over whether net neutrality or Internet freedom is the better route to an open, accessible Internet. Both sides of the coin are attempting to obtain the phrase “Internet freedom” as their own, but the argument is shaping up to be … Continued


#Internet2012: Winning the Fight for the Open Internet

The future of Internet freedom is on wheels. The Internet 2012 Bus Tour, led by entrepreneur and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian (@AlexisOhanian) and Reddit General Manager Erik Martin (@hueypriest), aims to bring the importance of Internet freedom back into the spotlight by visiting America’s heartland and sharing the stories of how citizens are using the … Continued


Internet Saved the TV Star

Writing letters is a hassle. There, I said it. By the time you’re finished physically transcribing your message using pen and paper, you need to search frantically for an envelope and stamp only to discover that your mother used all of the remaining ones on her scrapbook because they had Elvis on them. Or is … Continued


#ElectionClass Week 1: Recap

Over the past year, tweeting about politics has gradually become something I do almost every day. Until recently, though, I never thought it would be something I’d do for a letter grade, especially with approximately a hundred other students. In fact, last Wednesday, #ElectionClass‘s first day, brought an interesting juxtaposition because I experienced the familiar … Continued


The Internet Can Make or Break a Presidential Campaign

Nothing has changed the landscape of a political election in the last 50 years more so than the rise of the Internet. With access to information available instantaneously, campaigning is a different activity than it was a generation ago. Statements touted by politicians as facts are scrutinized, dissected, and Googled. Today’s voters can be just … Continued

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#SCOTUS: A Cautionary Tale in Journalism and Social Media

Mistakes matter. When CNN and Fox News falsely reported that the Supreme Court of the United States had turned down the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, it mattered. Not only did it damage the credibility of the two news outlets in question, but it allowed erroneous information to be spread, due largely … Continued


Online Piracy and the Pirate Party

Many internet users are by now readily aware of the copyright controversies that are occurring across the Western world.  As the influence of information technology has grown, file sharing and other online transactions have facilitated copyright infringement.  These interactions often take the form of piracy, the unauthorized sharing of profitable materials.  Industries dependent upon current … Continued