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Diversity, Inclusion & Bias in Artificial Intelligence

On Friday, November 2nd, Newhouse hosted a panel called Artificial Intelligence & Journalism: Consequences and Opportunities in Emerging Tech. The panelists discussed how artificial intelligence (AI) is moving the technology industry to media organizations. This is seen in the launch of magazine chatbots and daily news organizations use of AI to automate articles. As an… Read the full article…

SU Alum Builds Twitter Community for National Geographic Photos

When I think of National Geographic, I think of a magazine that took up a couple shelves worth of space at my elementary school library and was only ever looked by a group a boys looking (and giggling) at the frequently featured photos of naked indigenous people. In my life, National Geographic stopped playing any kind of contributing role when I graduated from elementary school and stopped having “free time” in the library. Recently though, I’ve found NatGeo has played an increasingly more relevant and interesting role in my day-to-day life. More specifically, the @NatGeoPhotos twitter account has not only garnered my interest but continues to captivate it.