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The Belfer Audio Archive: A Sleeping Giant

The Belfer Audio Archive as you know it — the bunker-like building on the East side of Bird Library at Syracuse University — was built in the year 1982. The archive itself, however, was founded in 1963. Back then, the collection was housed in the basement of a place called Continental Can Company. Walter Welch… Read the full article…

Distrokid: Where Musicians Keep 100% of Royalties

Notable iSchool alum Philip Kaplan (@Pud) is famous for his ventures Fandalism and F-ed Company. As an avid musician himself, Kaplan has dedicated his talents as a technologist and musician to helping those who love music as much as he does. In a recent announcement, Pud launched his latest project, Distrokid.  The music industry has changed from what… Read the full article…

Digital Curation: Why You Should Consider a Career in eScience

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about some surprising career opportunities for library and information science grads. Brand new to this field, I’m having a great time imagining myself in different jobs. So far this week, I’ve pictured myself taking German to prepare for a career as a music librarian (thanks to Rachel Fox von Swearingen), working as an academic and librarianship game-changer like David Lankes, and becoming a data curation expert like Clifford Lynch.