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Ubuntu – and Open-Source Expansion in the Marketplace

Open source is extending its reach into another platform: the smartphone. Despite its initial failure with its crowdfunding campaign, Canonical recently came out with an Ubuntu smartphone called the Ubuntu Edge. It was released a few months ago in Europe. The features of the open source phone extend beyond just the platform possibilities. Reactions to the Phone’s Capabilities… Read the full article…

5 To Try: Your Weekly App Discovery Guide

Editor’s Note: 5 to Try is a new weekly feature of Information Space. Have an app you think we should share? Leave your comments below and we’ll check it out! If you’re like me, you love finding new apps.  But who has time to sift through the hundreds of thousands of apps in your respective… Read the full article…

What is Emu ?

Online personal assistants like Google Now and Apple Siri have proven to be helpful in many ways. How about your own personal assistant for daily text conversations?  Emu is the answer. Emu is an instant messenger and an assistant. It uses artificial intelligence to bring smarter coordination in your text messages. Using a unique context… Read the full article…

A Week With Facebook’s Paper

A little over a week ago, Facebook announced its next major mobile foray: Paper. Sporting a full screen, graphic heavy, and seemingly fluid user interface, Paper is a departure from the traditional Facebook mobile experience. As the name subtly implies, the app will focus heavily on pushing news and media content to users. With many… Read the full article…

How (Not) to Repair a Water-Damaged iPhone

For a clumsy person whose phone is in hand more frequently than in pocket, I’ve had my fair share of cellular device disasters. This is precisely why two weeks ago, when sink met iPhone and iPhone met death immediately thereafter, I took the news like a seasoned phone battle veteran. What made this event different than my many tales of broken phones past was that this time, I decided I was going to fix it myself.

First look at the new Syracuse University mobile app

Syracuse University released its new SU mobile app today, referring to it as “Syracuse in the palm of your hand.” Here is a first look at app and its features.

After downloading the app from the Apple App Store (the app is currently only available for the iPhone, though I’m told an Android version will soon follow), the user is presented with the option of selecting one of three themes: “SU Main App,” “iSchool” or “Newhouse.” This choice seems to slightly alter the branding of the app’s home screen as well as reveal a few navigation choices specific to the chosen school theme. It is unclear why other Schools and Colleges are not represented in this option. Most of this review will focus on the Main SU theme.