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The End of Libraries? Not so Fast, MG Siegler

The foundation of libraries and librarianship has shifted dramatically over the last decade or so.  Digital resources provide access to seemingly boundless quantities of information, virtually untethered to physical repositories.  The internet has seemingly built a library in every modem and made every user a librarian.  While this prompts some observers to cast the future… Read the full article…

Digital Curation: Why You Should Consider a Career in eScience

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about some surprising career opportunities for library and information science grads. Brand new to this field, I’m having a great time imagining myself in different jobs. So far this week, I’ve pictured myself taking German to prepare for a career as a music librarian (thanks to Rachel Fox von Swearingen), working as an academic and librarianship game-changer like David Lankes, and becoming a data curation expert like Clifford Lynch.