One of NYPL's mobile book carts at the Rikers Island women's facility. Image courtesy of

Library Friday: New York Public Library at Rikers Island

My posts this semester have tended to focus on library services for underserved populations: What can the library profession do to better celebrate diversity? (See February’s ‘Library Friday’ post) How can a public library provide needed services to various immigrant populations? (See April’s ‘Library Friday’ post) And this month, how do librarians who work in prisons provide … Continued

An iSchool student teaches a Girl Scout at the iSchool's "Girls Are I.T.!" event.

Social Justice and Librarianship

Many librarians (myself included), believe that libraries are inherently tied to issues of social justice. How so? In a world of increasing inequality, they provide free and unlimited access to information and technology. They open their doors to all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, political party, economic status, religion, ability, or age. In order … Continued

LIS Internships: Library Management. Image of State Island Museum courtesy of

MSLIS Internship Close-Up: Management

When I’m not running around Hinds Hall or drinking copious amounts of coffee, you can find me at the DeWitt Community Library, where I work part-time. The DeWitt Community Library is a bustling public library located ten minutes from Syracuse’s campus. I spend the majority of my time there helping the Executive Director, Business Manager, … Continued

Flower-Sprecher Library at Cornell

Library Friday: Visiting Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library

From birds to books. That’s Erin Eldermire’s career trajectory summed up in four words, and she couldn’t be happier with where she’s wound up. Erin has a background in bird biology, graduated from SU’s MSLIS program in 2014, and has been working at Cornell’s Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library ever since. When she first saw the job posting for … Continued

Historical Materials LIS Internship with SUNY Upstate Medical Archives

MSLIS Internship Close-Up: Historical Materials

During my first semester at the iSchool, my IST 511 class (Intro the Library and Information Profession) had the opportunity to tour the Special Collections Research Center at SU Libraries. We saw printed leaves from the Gutenberg Bible, cuneiform tablets from Mesopotamia, and original photographs by Margaret Bourke-White, among others. To say that I was … Continued

7 Questions with Rachel Ivy Clarke

7 Questions with an LIS Professor: Rachel Ivy Clarke

A warm Orange welcome to Rachel Ivy Clarke! She is the new Library and Information Science (LIS) professor at SU’s iSchool and former cataloging librarian at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). In her exchanges with students at FIDM, Professor Clarke discovered that creative people have a different way of researching information that they … Continued

Vinyl Collection Image

The Belfer Audio Archive: A Sleeping Giant

The Belfer Audio Archive as you know it — the bunker-like building on the East side of Bird Library at Syracuse University — was built in the year 1982. The archive itself, however, was founded in 1963. Back then, the collection was housed in the basement of a place called Continental Can Company. Walter Welch … Continued

Petit Branch Library. Photo by Kayla Del Biondo.

Library Friday: Visiting Petit Branch Library

I’ve made it my mission to visit a different library once a month, and post about it on Friday; hence, the birth of ‘Library Friday.’ Come along with me on this journey! If you work or study at SU, chances are you’ve probably grabbed a burrito from Alto Cinco, sipped a cup of joe at Recess, … Continued

7 Questions with iSchool Professor Ruth V. Small

7 Questions with an LIS Professor: Dr. Ruth Small

Editor’s Note: This is the seventh in a series of posts  profiling the iSchool’s Library and Information Science faculty. Check out previous 7 Question posts with R. David Lankes, Renee F. Hill, Jill Hurst-Wahl, Jian Qin, Marilyn Arnone, and Barbara Stripling _____________________________________________________ Besides the School Media students, most iSchool students (not just LIS students!) encounter Dr. Ruth Small … Continued