7 Questions with Syracuse University iSchool Professor Barbara Kwasnik

7 Questions with an LIS Professor: Barbara Kwasnik

Editor’s Note: This is the eighth in a series of posts profiling the iSchool’s Library and Information Science (LIS) faculty. Check out previous 7 Question posts with R. David Lankes, Renee F. Hill, Jill Hurst-Wahl, Jian Qin, Marilyn Arnone, Barbara Stripling, and Ruth Small “I think it is important for women to allow themselves a life of … Continued

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Games As Educational Tools: Teaching Skills, Transforming Thoughts

Games, and the entertainment value of play, have the ability to teach and transform. We don’t think about that as children playing hide-and-seek in the neighborhood. We don’t acknowledge it during turns at charades or throughout the rounds of a board game. That’s because games are engaging and entertaining. And precisely because they are, research shows, … Continued


Should Videogames be in Libraries?

Why don’t libraries have videogames? As both a gamer and librarian, I am concerned with the lack of acknowledgement of studies demonstrating the positive impacts of gaming or the remarkable projects being undertaken by both libraries and communities to “save the world” through gaming.   Videogames are prevalent in America.  Seventy-two percent of American households have … Continued


A man wanted to learn how to work with jade, so he could make a living carving this semiprecious stone into jewelry, statues and other objects.  He went to a master jade carver and asked to learn all that this carver knew, and the carver agreed.  He told the man to come back the next … Continued