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FOMO: Answer to Dying Print Publications?

“Don’t go into print journalism. It’s a dying industry.” This statement has been echoed time and time again as people take note of the obvious downward spiral newspapers and magazines have faced in recent years. There are various reasons for the industries’ decline. Newspaper and magazines’ competitors (television and the Internet)  have the ability to… Read the full article…

Weekly Tech Roundup: Apple TV, Google TV & More

This week has had some interesting announcements in the consumer technology market. It started with every paragraph from Steve Jobs’s much anticipated biography being turned into a news story. There was one quote from author and biographer Walter Isaacson’s latest work that caught everyone’s attention; Steve Jobs said he cracked what an Apple TV should be like. Valley hawk-eye Robert Scoble pointed to his insight on the product and a Bloomberg story further validated rumors of an Apple TV.

NPR Senior Strategist Andy Carvin Visits #Rotoloclass

Andy Carvin is a senior strategist at National Public Radio. Carvin uses social media in his daily activities as a journalist to curate, verify and create content about breaking news in the Middle East. His twitter account, @acarvin, has over 55,000 followers, many of whom he interacts with and retweets regularly to create a real-time, interactive news stream. Carvin skyped into IST 486/ 686: Social Media in the Enterprise (also known as #rotoloclass) at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies (@iSchoolSU) on Thursday to discuss how online communities are changing journalism.