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Jailbreaking: Adding Features to Your iOS Device

iOS is one of the most popular operating systems people have on their phones, much due to the popularity of Apple devices. However, it is also always accompanied by many complaints about the software, such as, bugs, design flaws, and lack of functionalities. However, there’s a trend that’s been around for a while that fixes… Read the full article…

Why It’s Time To Quit Snapchat

I remember sitting in class over a year ago when Snapchat came out. I looked to the person next to me and thought “this app is for sending nude pictures! There’s no way I’m downloading it.” Yet here I am today, almost embarrassed to admit that I have Snapchat as one of the four icons fixed… Read the full article…

Google Apps for iOS: A Comparison with Native Apps

Apple and Google create the two most successful and best selling mobile phone operating systems. While Apple focuses strictly on iOS, and Google is responsible for Android, Google also has releases a number of apps that can be used on an iPhone. Some of the Google apps released for iOS seem to compete directly with Apple’s own offerings. This could… Read the full article…

Weekly Tech Round Up: An Apple Product Release, Blackberry Outage and More!

In the world of technology, things change in an instant. A lot can happen in seven days, and the last week was no different. This new column will be rounding up all the top tech news that happened in the past week. In today’s update, you’ll get the latest news on Apple, Blackberry, Sony, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Zynga, Netflix and Oracle.

How (Not) to Repair a Water-Damaged iPhone

For a clumsy person whose phone is in hand more frequently than in pocket, I’ve had my fair share of cellular device disasters. This is precisely why two weeks ago, when sink met iPhone and iPhone met death immediately thereafter, I took the news like a seasoned phone battle veteran. What made this event different than my many tales of broken phones past was that this time, I decided I was going to fix it myself.