What is Data Visualization and Why Should You Care?

Picture yourself in one of these situations: 1. You work at a large consulting firm, dealing with clients that generate millions in annual revenue. You’ve just concluded a massive performance assessment and are about to submit your recommendations to your client, which you’re sure will be well received. However, your presentation comes off as drab … Continued

An Introduction to Data Visualization And Its Tools

Author’s Note – This post is adapted from a presentation given at the iSchool at Syracuse University on February 6, 2015. You can download those presentation slides here. With the rise of the interactive web and our access to large sets of open information, data visualization has become a hot topic in recent years. Yet, … Continued


HelloThere & Syracuse University Partner

SayHelloThere.com, otherwise known as HelloThere, specializes in disrupting the relationship between job seekers and their potential employers. Now, the power of this disruptive approach is being made available to Syracuse University iSchool students for free. HelloThere allows students to target specific internship or employment opportunities by creating custom webpages for each employer. By shifting the … Continued