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3 Data Visualization Tools for Students

Starting off my last semester of college I was ready for a low-stress class load full of Beer and Wine appreciation and Zumba Step. However, one of my friends shared how excited she was to be taking a Data Visualization class, so I decided to tag along. I registered for NEW300 as part of the Digital Media 3… Read the full article…

Drawing with Data: Top 5 Student Data Visualizations

Earlier this month, students in Jaime Snyder’s Information Visualization class displayed their semester-culminating work with a poster session.  Topics of the posts ranged from social network users to natural gas production to resources allocated to Syrian Refugees. Here are some highlights of the student’s work, along with a bit of background on each: 1.  Resources… Read the full article…

How to Make Information Graphics and Data Visualizations

Information graphics and data visualizations are one of the latest online trends. There are sites dedicated to it, volumes of books detailing the process of it, and visualization tools for just about everything, everywhere you look: social media, your resume, your money.

There are a ton of tools out there, but what does it take to pull off a successful visualization? And what exactly is the difference between information graphics and data visualizations? That’s right, they’re not the same thing!