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An Introduction to Wayfinding

What is wayfinding? If you ask Wikipedia, you will find this definition: “Wayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people and animals orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place.”

Heaven as an Information Design Problem

Information Design is defined as “the detailed planning of information that is to be provided to a particular audience to meet a specific objective.” As information workers, we are tasked with finding relevant information. What we sometimes overlook is the presentation of this information in a way that the user is able to easily digest. We need to carefully consider our audience and the material we are presenting. Last semester I took a class on Information Design and, as a result, I now see information design problems in almost everything I do.

Exploring the Definition of Information Design

I once overheard a professor from another school on campus refer to her course as a “passion-building” class. When she used that term, I immediately thought of classes that I had taken where a topic or idea continued to inspire or motivate me long after I received a grade. While passion-building moments certainly happen in… Read the full article…