Dean Isaacson works on his startup as his summer internship. Image of Philadephia skyline courtesy of Ransomtech on Flickr (

Starting My Summer Entrepreneurial Journey

The “first week” of my internship was not really my first week. I have been working on starting my own business for a little over two years. My internship blog this summer will be covering my entrepreneurial journey. I will work full time and coordinate with my remote team to with the goal to launch … Continued

Vision Pop up week. Original graphic by Allison Leung.

Adobe Partners with SU Vision For Entrepreneurs

How I got into design For the longest of time, I’ve always had a creative entrepreneurial attitude. When I was nine, I would copy and paste codes from outside websites of background layouts and sparkly pink cursors to my Neopets store. I enjoyed managing my own e-commerce shop selling things from ice cream to magic … Continued

Students on the EntreTechNYC 2016 trip. Photo by Ross Nadel '17.

EntreTech NYC 2016: Grit, Passion, Transparency, and More

Back in May, a group of students embarked on the iSchool’s annual EntreTech NYC Trip, one of many iSchool Trips where students can learn by going into the field. There, they made 19 visits (scroll to the bottom to see the complete list of those who hosted!), networked with iSchool alumni, and got to take an inside look at … Continued

Vision students at their Pop Up event.

A Vision for Cross-Campus Collaboration at Syracuse University

So this is my second post for InfoSpace, and it is awesome to be asked to write for a second time. Today, I get to talk about a concept that will help to shape a stronger Syracuse University, and where ideas are turned into reality: cross-campus collaboration. Why Cross-Campus Collaboration? In the real world, individuals with same skill sets … Continued

EntreTech 2015

How a Finance Major Falls in Love with the iSchool

This is my first blog post for Information Space and I am pretty hyped to have the opportunity to talk about how, as a finance and advertising major, I fell in love with the iSchool (School of Information Studies). My name is Dylan Gans, I’m a sophomore, and I came into Syracuse University as a Whitman … Continued

SBinSV at tilt

Have You Applied to Attend ‘Spring Break in Silicon Valley’ Yet?

Last Spring Break, I was on the immersion-course trip, Spring Break in Silicon Valley (or SBinSV), a once-in-a-lifetime experience specially designed for Syracuse University students. Now the iSchool is accepting applications for the next Spring Break in Silicon Valley, to take place in 2016 (Apply Here). During my time on SBinSV, we visited companies like Twitter, Dropbox, … Continued


SBinSV: Immersion May Be ‘Spring Break of A Lifetime’

It may come as a shock to some of you, but I in fact am not an iSchool student. Crazy considering how many iSchool sponsored events I’ve lectured at and programs I’ve experienced, right? Despite not being an iSchool student, I’ve always considered Hinds Hall one of my homes on the Syracuse campus, and have never … Continued