Information Governance Basics with iSchool Alumna Ilona Koti

Information Governance Basics with iSchool Alumna Ilona Koti

iSchool alumna Ilona Koti is hosting a webinar with us on May 4. Before she gives her webinar, Ilona answered some questions for iSchool Graduate Recruitment Manager Erin Bartolo in order to help people better understand her area of expertise, information governance. Ilona is currently a Principal Consultant in Information Governance & Risk Management at ARK-IGC Information Governance Consulting. What … Continued

iSchool Alumna Interview at NYLA: Rebecca Lubin

While at the New York Library Association (NYLA) conference in Saratoga Springs on November 5-8, 2014, I interviewed three iSchool alumni on their thoughts about the value of getting involved in professional organizations. This is the second interview in that series. You can read the first one here. Rebecca Lubin is the Head of Branch … Continued

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BrandYourself: A Positive Move for Your Online Reputation

Editor’s Note:  BrandYourself offers a free premium account to all Syracuse University students and alumni.  Click here for more information.  Branding yourself has become more important than ever. Employers often now turn to Google to search for potential employees and interns. Unfortunately, typing someone’s first and last name into Google does not always guarantee a result … Continued


SU Alum Builds Twitter Community for National Geographic Photos

When I think of National Geographic, I think of a magazine that took up a couple shelves worth of space at my elementary school library and was only ever looked by a group a boys looking (and giggling) at the frequently featured photos of naked indigenous people. In my life, National Geographic stopped playing any kind of contributing role when I graduated from elementary school and stopped having “free time” in the library. Recently though, I’ve found NatGeo has played an increasingly more relevant and interesting role in my day-to-day life. More specifically, the @NatGeoPhotos twitter account has not only garnered my interest but continues to captivate it.


My Transition to the Real World: Alumni Advice

After tweeting a picture of my iSchool coffee mug while reminiscing about move-in days of years gone by, I was asked to write a post about how things are going at my new job. After a few weeks of thinking and college-like procrastinating, I feel like I finally have something insightful to say. First, some background. … Continued


Student Post: Spring Break in Silicon Valley

The following is a guest post from Syracuse University Freshman Moné Clark. Day three of four – spring break in Silicon Valley. For a quick rundown of today’s agenda, we visited Facebook, Google,, and had lunch with some Syracuse alumni. Sounds cool right? You have no idea! Today was extremely exciting because we got … Continued


HelloThere & Syracuse University Partner, otherwise known as HelloThere, specializes in disrupting the relationship between job seekers and their potential employers. Now, the power of this disruptive approach is being made available to Syracuse University iSchool students for free. HelloThere allows students to target specific internship or employment opportunities by creating custom webpages for each employer. By shifting the … Continued

This is Why Facebook is Worth $50B

You may have heard about Facebook’s latest round of financing, led by Goldman Sachs contributing $450 million to get a share of the social networking giant. By looking at the ownership percentage that Goldman’s $450m bought, Facebook is now valued at an extraordinary $50 billion.   Worth and Value Many people feel that $50b is … Continued

Collaboration: Cooperative Creation

This week, I’ve noticed examples of collaboration all around me – and most from outside of the tech world. Collaboration is such a powerful force. It allows us to do things that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to do, or able to do as well. It lets us go beyond our individual boundaries, and it … Continued