What Can Go Wrong: The Rise of Ransomware

The Rise of Ransomware: What Can Go Wrong?

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malicious software. It typically encrypts the victim’s data, effectively making it unusable unless a ransom is paid. In some cases, even if the ransom is paid, the decryption fails and the victim loses the data. Ransomware attacks are typically carried out using a Trojan style virus. Users … Continued

iSchool student Patrick Kelly's summer internship at Commvault

Week One at My Commvault Internship

The first week at Commvault was awesome. The facility here in New Jersey is incredible. They have a full gym, cafeteria, game rooms, baseball field, cricket pitch, basketball court, quiet rooms, and other great meeting rooms. It’s clear from the start that Commvault cares about its employees and their happiness. Internship Life at Commvault Orientation … Continued

Dean Isaacson works on his startup as his summer internship. Image of Philadephia skyline courtesy of Ransomtech on Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/ransomtech)

Starting My Summer Entrepreneurial Journey

The “first week” of my internship was not really my first week. I have been working on starting my own business for a little over two years. My internship blog this summer will be covering my entrepreneurial journey. I will work full time and coordinate with my remote team to with the goal to launch … Continued

Chichen Wang's Internship at Eastman Kodak Company

My First Week of Internship at Eastman Kodak

The first day of an internship is always filled with emotion – I am very excited, yet nervous. Excited because I was given this great opportunity to intern at Eastman Kodak Company – a global technology company focused on imaging, I love technology and photography, I believe it will be a great way to learn and to … Continued

Prof. Yang Wang teaching in the Syracuse University iSchool.

Inclusive Privacy and Security with Prof. Yang Wang

Editor’s note: Professor Yang Wang brought his expertise to introduce inclusive privacy and security to the Syracuse University iSchool’s webinar series this spring. iSchool student and InfoSpace blogger Allison Leung asked Prof. Wang a few questions for those who are new to the topic of inclusive privacy. What do all professionals need to know about inclusive privacy … Continued

Chris Whelan '17 (second from left) at iSchool Convocation.

Reflections on the iSchool: Chris Whelan ’17

We asked iSchool Seniors to reflect back on their time at the iSchool before they graduate. Here’s the third and final blog of featuring a member of the iSchool’s Class of 2017. Chris Whelan Hometown: Baldwinsville, New York Major: Information Management & Technology What was your initial reaction coming to the iSchool as a Freshman? … Continued

Evolving with Open Source Software at the iSchool

Evolving with Open Source Software at the iSchool

After 7 years of active duty, I came to the iSchool on a different mission. I wanted to learn how to integrate more open source solutions into my life. I’ll dig into the “why” and “when” soon, but in summary, it’s about the open source contributors’ community aspect. The priorities include quality, customization, and you … Continued

Online Student Experience at the iSchool

The iSchool Experience: Online Student Edition

My Adventure I began my adventure at the iSchool on campus while I was living in Syracuse. When I bought my first house an hour and a half away, it was no longer feasible for me to make the drive to campus. I knew I wanted to complete my degree at the iSchool because I … Continued

Retooling Skills with Data Science

Retooling my Skills with Data Science at the iSchool

My name is Rainier Varilla, and I’m on my road to retooling my skills with Data Science at the iSchool. Oh, and I’m 50 years old. Now you’re probably asking yourself, ‘Why on earth are you heading back to school, old man?’  Before I can answer that, let me just say that I have fought … Continued