Online Student Experience at the iSchool

The iSchool Experience: Online Student Edition

My Adventure I began my adventure at the iSchool on campus while I was living in Syracuse. When I bought my first house an hour and a half away, it was no longer feasible for me to make the drive to campus. I knew I wanted to complete my degree at the iSchool because I … Continued


Retooling my Skills with Data Science at the iSchool

My name is Rainier Varilla, and I’m on my road to retooling my skills with Data Science at the iSchool. Oh, and I’m 50 years old. Now you’re probably asking yourself, ‘Why on earth are you heading back to school, old man?’  Before I can answer that, let me just say that I have fought … Continued


Bringing Broadband Internet to Public Housing with WiTec

Kevin Bornatsch is second-year grad student from Cologne, Germany. He is getting his MS in Information Management and Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Information Security Management. He is a part of the iSchool student group WiTec (Worldwide Innovation and Technology) team and sat down with me to discuss what is happening in their organization.  So what … Continued

Why Should You Learn to Program? - Feature Image of Lemonade

Why Should You Learn to Program?

As a professor in the iSchool who teaches programming to our undergraduates, I’m writing to tell why you should learn to program. Before I do, I’d like to start with a story from Saturday morning: At our kitchen table, my 10-year-old son was busy planning out this summer’s entrepreneurial endeavor: his lemonade stand. I’m certain … Continued

The Syracuse University Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs

Data Science meets the Maxwell MPA

The Journey to Maxwell A few months ago, I was a senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago and newly engaged. My fiancé and I were feeling great about our chances to live and work in Chicago; yet, that plan vanished after nothing worked out like we planned. Thankfully, we both applied to graduate … Continued

Digital Humanities at Syracuse University

Exploring the Digital Humanities

When I came to the iSchool, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that when I got here I’d probably have to step outside of my comfort zone. My original plan was to become a college professor of English. I had already completed my M.A. in English toward that end. I taught college foundations … Continued

Allison Leung Graphic - DDOS attack on Dyn and IoT

Why You Should Care About DDOS Attacks

The attack On Friday October 21st, as people tried to watch Netflix or listen to Spotify they both suddenly stopped working. This “internet doomsday” happened because of a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack on Dyn. Dyn is a huge DNS company that provides IP addresses to URLs, disrupting numerous websites like Netflix, Spotify, and … Continued

Inclusive System Design with Prof. Murali Venkatesh

Inclusive System Design with Prof. Murali Venkatesh

Editor’s note: Professor Murali Venkatesh brought his expertise to introduce inclusive system design to the Syracuse University iSchool in an October webinar. Read Prof. Venkatesh’s answers below to learn more about this topic. What do all professionals need to know about inclusive system design? I’d recommend that IT professionals, especially those just entering the profession, reflect on the ideals … Continued