An Introduction to Data Visualization And Its Tools

Author’s Note – This post is adapted from a presentation given at the iSchool at Syracuse University on February 6, 2015. You can download those presentation slides here. With the rise of the interactive web and our access to large sets of open information, data visualization has become a hot topic in recent years. Yet, … Continued

Hack Hunger and Homelessness in Syracuse: November 8-9

In the midst of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we often overlook those less fortunate than us — we forget about the 3.5 million homeless Americans for whom the more pressing question of the day is if they’ll find something to eat, not how much. To address this pertinent issues, Centerstate CEO and the Syracuse Technology … Continued

Hack Upstate Presents: Hacking CNY Fall 2014

For the last two years, Hack Upstate has worked towards one clearly defined mission: to unite and facilitate collaboration among the greater Upstate New York hacker community. With Hack Upstate IV less than three weeks away, we’re excited to continue to grow with the CNY tech community. But, Hack Upstate is one of many great … Continued

Is This It? Initial Reactions to the Apple Watch

At Apple’s well-publicized launch event yesterday, CEO Tim Cook stood on stage after a detailed discussion of his company’s much-anticipated refresh of the iPhone line. Behind him, a simple banner read: “One more thing…” Even before he uttered a single word of transition, the audience went wild. Everyone knew: the Apple Watch was here. The … Continued

What I Learned From My Internship at Twitter

This past April, between the demands of a packed schedule and midterm season, I secured my dream internship: a chance to work at Twitter in their San Francisco headquarters. Between debates around workplace diversity, Glassdoor rankings, and a highly publicized quarterly earnings report, it was an exciting time to be at Twitter. While I once again sit in my … Continued

Support the ProLiteracy Hackathon: Sept. 13, 14

This article was originally posted on the Hack Upstate Blog. In just under two weeks, Hack Upstate invites you to join Central New York’s best developers and designers as they come together to fight global adult illiteracy. Recognizing the civic-minded spirit and potential for innovation among CNY’s technology community, Syracuse-based non-profit ProLiteracy claims host to … Continued


A Week With Facebook’s Paper

A little over a week ago, Facebook announced its next major mobile foray: Paper. Sporting a full screen, graphic heavy, and seemingly fluid user interface, Paper is a departure from the traditional Facebook mobile experience. As the name subtly implies, the app will focus heavily on pushing news and media content to users. With many … Continued


iOS 7 Beta 1: My Test Run

Despite the caution voiced by many, I have taken the plunge. For the past five days, I have been running iOS 7 Beta 1 on my personal phone. No safety nets or back-up plan. And although it is a very unfinished product, the entire tech sector has already erupted with comment on Apple’s drastically changed mobile operating … Continued

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Facebook Updates: It’s a Love/Hate Relationship

When it comes to Facebook, the fear of random change has become a norm for many of the social network’s avid users.  Among the many criticisms that have contributed to Facebook’s often infamous reputation, the social network often changes its layout in drastic ways on a fairly regular basis.  While many embrace this change, others … Continued


#SBinSV: The Week that Rocked My World

Despite the effort I put into applying for the iSchool’s Spring Break in Silicon Valley, I was hesitant to attend this trip the days prior to our departure.  I had mulled over many reservations: my skills at networking with the various professionals we would meet, my lack of experience as a traditional developer, and the … Continued