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Not Impressed By CES

A Tech Skeptic’s Perspective 2014 has arrived in full force, and brought with it an annual January tradition – the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. For those not familiar, this is essentially the Super Bowl of consumer electronics (think TV’s, tablets, phones, video game consoles, etc.). Hundreds of thousands of people gather to… Read the full article…

What Will Matter Online in 2014

As we closed out 2013, the digital landscape was full of “Year In Review” pieces. Yet, year-end lists always seem so dumbed down – headlines or photos with no real content, epitomizing the link-bait culture that we have seen rise on the web in 2013. This culture was highlighted nicely in a recent Esquire piece…. Read the full article…

Why I’m Quitting Instagram After the Facebook Acquisition: A Technologist’s Perspective

If you’re reading this blog post, you know by now that Facebook has acquired mobile photo sharing application Instagram for $1 billion (more than twice what it was recently valued at by professional investors who were risking their own money). Many people have offered great insight as to why Facebook made this move, and paid this price. I will leave the analysis to them, but you can start with Om Malik’s article at Gigaom. What matters to me is not that Instagram has been acquired, but that Instagram has been acquired by Facebook. So, I have decided to delete my account and all associated photos. Here’s why: I am actively opting out of the version of the Internet that Facebook is building, now including Instagram.

The Truth About Apps: Useful, Fun or Garbage?

I hear about a lot of apps – and not just because I’m a part of the Syracuse School of Information Studies. Today, you see apps everywhere: on television commercials, on billboards, and even in print publications. What’s more, apps are now becoming ads themselves, like the most recent offering from Toyota, the “Prius Experience.”

Information Security: Why Policy Matters

Information security folks are often the scapegoats in large organizations – they’re the reason why you can’t access this site, or why you can only choose between these two phones, or why your project is being delayed for security review. But these decisions aren’t made to spite you, nor are they made at random. The drivers behind information security policy decisions are ones that try very hard to balance business needs and risk. Policies and procedures, while not glamorous, are absolutely essential to any large IT-enabled organization.

Why the Market is “Frothy”

Lately, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about whether we are experiencing another bubble, or if the market is merely frothy. The bubble question is a topic for another post. Today, I’d like to talk about what people mean when they say “frothy,” and explore more about why that’s the word du jour. Frothy?… Read the full article…