Embedded Libraries

Embedded Libraries: Taking the Library to the World

If a student wanted to learn about glacial geology, what better way than to go out and see its effects?   The landscape of Central New York ripples with the impact of glaciation and we travel though prominent examples of geologic formations at every turn.   What if, instead of simply reading about geology in … Continued

belfer audio archive

Belfer At 50: Silence, Sound, And Engagement In SU’s Audio Archive

When you walk into a sound archive, you hear something totally expected, yet somewhat foreign: silence.   During his opening lecture on “Sound, Memory, and the Psychoanalytic Century” for the Belfer Audio Archive at 50 anniversary, Paul Théberge described the significance of this silence in the heart of the archive. It relates in part to the … Continued

BiblioTech Small

The End of Libraries? Not so Fast, MG Siegler

The foundation of libraries and librarianship has shifted dramatically over the last decade or so.  Digital resources provide access to seemingly boundless quantities of information, virtually untethered to physical repositories.  The internet has seemingly built a library in every modem and made every user a librarian.  While this prompts some observers to cast the future … Continued

Digital Dark Age

A Digital Dark Age: Are We on The Brink?

Imagine a catastrophic global electromagnetic storm cripples Earth’s digital information infrastructure. Sure, this may be a hackneyed conspiracy theory developed with apocalyptic imaginations, trumpeted by a nineties-era website, and supported by a healthy dose of pseudoscience–but it offers an intriguing thought experiment for what would happen if our digital records were suddenly and irrevocably destroyed. … Continued