Prasanna Kulkarni

Prasanna Kulkarni G’16: Web analytics and data at Blizzard

I recently caught up with Prasanna Kulkarni, analytics connoisseur and 2016 alumnus of the MS in Information Management program who’s making the most of his post-grad life in sunny southern California. Prasanna was happy to reflect on his iSchool experience and offer insight for curious students looking to follow a similar career path as himself. … Continued

Remembrance Week

iSchoolers Look Back and Act Forward as Remembrance Scholars

Each year, after a rigorous and selective process, 35 Syracuse University seniors are chosen to serve as Remembrance Scholars. I am fortunate enough to call myself one of them, along with my fellow iSchoolers Clayton Baker (B.S. Information Management and Technology & International Relations, Spanish minor) and Emily Dang (B.S. Information Management and Technology & International Relations, … Continued


8 Tips I Wish I Knew When I Was a Freshman at SU

August 31st is quickly approaching, and we all know what that means: time to replace that Netflix bookmark with your favorite textbook rental site of choice. But before you settle down in your new dorm room, if you’re an incoming freshman (or a transfer student!) follow these 8 tips from iSchool Peer Advisors to make … Continued

Facebook’s New App Riff: Make Videos with Friends

In an attempt to maintain their success as well as change the ways users record and edit videos on social media, Facebook unleashed its newest application, Riff, recently. Riff is a platform for creating videos of a collaborative nature with the intent to make them as viral as possible. How it works As opposed to … Continued

Women Take Center Stage at SXSW 2015

As strides are being made in other aspects of society, a controversial and often debated topic is the gender equality, or lack thereof, in the American workforce. Most frequently cited is the shortage of women in science and technology fields, or STEM. Luckily, the presence of women at SXSW this year was a giant step … Continued

Apple Lovers, Rev Your Engines: Cars are Coming

Although no rumors have been confirmed, the idea that an Apple car is in the works has floated around the web and made quite a few headlines this past month. Despite the lack of public acknowledgements regarding the potential project, there is a good amount of evidence leading to speculation that it may not be … Continued

What is Left Shark?

I’m not the biggest sports fan, so I usually don’t spend my Superbowl Sundays glued to the television. However, the fact that I was trapped in the library doing homework during the game didn’t stop me from receiving numerous texts from my friends about “left shark.” The Basics If you aren’t the most attentive to … Continued

What is Snapchat Discover?

When I heard about the new “Discover” feature on Snapchat, my immediate reaction was frustration. Third-party advertising infiltrates almost every application I use on a daily basis in some form, so I was under the impression that this update would be no different. However, after taking a couple days to toy with the latest edition of … Continued

Spotify Unveils Touch Preview Feature

As a frequent Spotify user, especially of their mobile platform, I’ve witnessed first-hand the various tweaks the company has applied to their applications over the years. Their recent unveiling of the new “Touch Preview” feature is one of the most groundbreaking updates they’ve developed to date. How It Works Last Thursday, I pulled out my … Continued