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Internship Aha! Moment: Librarians Are Teachers

Since I started librarianship school a year and a half ago, I’ve been sharing personal thoughts about my experience here on Information Space. In January I kicked off my last semester in the M.S. Library and Information Science (MLIS) program at Syracuse University. Over the past four semesters I’ve learned, as they say, a lot and I’m… Read the full article…

The MLIS Sack of Skills

A few months ago, for my job at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies, the iSchool,I was tasked with interviewing one of my professors, Jill Hurst-Wahl. Jill’s the director of the M.S. in library and information science (MLIS) program and the iSchool wanted to get Jill on camera talking about what the MLIS degree could offer prospective… Read the full article…

Roy Tennant’s Wake-Up Call to Academic Librarians

Roy Tennant works for OCLC as Senior Program Officer for Research and an important voice in the world of digital libraries. On Wednesday, June 13, he kicked off the Academic Librarians Conference at Syracuse University with an early-morning talk. Read on for a recap of his ideas on the future of academic libraries. Academic Libraries Face Big Challenges… Read the full article…

61 Tech Geek Jobs for LIS Grads

For your perusing pleasure, I offer you 61 tech geek jobs for MLIS grads. Not every job in the list requires an MLIS degree, but every one could be rocked by the right librarian. Some of them require the ability to travel, or teaching experience, or a second master’s degree. Some require specific experience in business, law, marketing, digitization, or archives. Some are full-time tenure-track university positions, and others are part-time or short-term projects.

Roundup of Roundups: What to Read at the End of 2011

It’s that time again: year-end roundup time. Across the blogosphere, 2011 retrospectives are being posted, and the internet is rife with articles, photos, and graphics that help us look back at 2011 and all its protestor/tsunami/DSK/debt-downgraded/Bin Laden/Rebecca Black/Eurozone/Apple-related stories. There’s a lot of it to wade through, and most of it isn’t that interesting.

61 Non-Librarian Jobs for LIS Grads

Editor’s Note: InfoSpace has recently revisited this topic with updated job listings and more information! Be sure to check out 45 More Non-Librarian Jobs for MLIS Grads. At the beginning of the semester, way back in September 2011 when I’d only been in library school for a few weeks, I blogged about job opportunities for library… Read the full article…

The Top 5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

If you’re anything like me, you read all day long and still have no idea what’s going on in the world. As a grad student, I spend my days checking email, skimming blog posts my social media feeds have led me to, and, of course, reading assigned articles and texts. Like most Gen Y-ers, I get most of my news from the Internet, but I also get a good amount of in-depth information about topics in the news from radio via podcasts.