One of NYPL's mobile book carts at the Rikers Island women's facility. Image courtesy of

Library Friday: New York Public Library at Rikers Island

My posts this semester have tended to focus on library services for underserved populations: What can the library profession do to better celebrate diversity? (See February’s ‘Library Friday’ post) How can a public library provide needed services to various immigrant populations? (See April’s ‘Library Friday’ post) And this month, how do librarians who work in prisons provide … Continued

Queens Library. Image courtesy of Queens Library -

Library Friday: Queens Library

This semester I’m enrolled in the course, IST 613: Library Planning, Marketing, and Assessment. I’ve been assigned to revitalize a youth literacy program for four to seven-year-old English language learners who come to Syracuse from all over the world. Three weeks ago, a group of us library science students visited the Boston Public Library. We were … Continued

Flower-Sprecher Library at Cornell

Library Friday: Visiting Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library

From birds to books. That’s Erin Eldermire’s career trajectory summed up in four words, and she couldn’t be happier with where she’s wound up. Erin has a background in bird biology, graduated from SU’s MSLIS program in 2014, and has been working at Cornell’s Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library ever since. When she first saw the job posting for … Continued

The NOPL Pop-up Library. Image courtesy of

Library Friday: Visiting NOPL’s Pop-up Library

In the Library and Information Science program here at SU, we spend a lot of time discussing the importance of outreach. We brainstorm strategies we can employ to attract patrons to the library, and we ask ourselves questions like, how can a librarian organize and market innovative programs, services, and collections that are bound to … Continued

7 Questions with Caroline Haythornthwaite

7 Questions with an LIS Professor: Caroline Haythornthwaite

New iSchool professor, Caroline Haythornthwaite’s, lengthy last name is almost as impressive as her experience in the information field. Caroline just finished teaching her first semester at Syracuse University, and the iSchool community recently received exciting news: Caroline will serve as director of the MLIS program beginning in August 2017. Caroline came to us from … Continued

The Culinary Institute of America. Image from

Library Friday: Visiting the Hilton Library at the Culinary Institute of America

When I attended NYLA’s 2016 Annual Conference this past November, I learned that ‘special collections’ is such a broad term. Excitingly, during a presentation titled, “Getting to Know Special Libraries,” I heard from librarians and preservationists who worked in contrasting settings: the Corning Museum of Glass, the New York State Academy of Fire Science and … Continued

Liverpool Public Library. Photo source: Liverpool Public Library Facebook Page

Library Friday: Visiting Liverpool Public Library

I met Colin Welch, a 2014 graduate of SU’s Library and Information Science Master’s program, at NYLA. When I heard about all of the innovative programming being offered at Liverpool Public Library, I knew it had to be my next Library Friday stop. Colin is a part time reference librarian at Liverpool Public Library (LPL). … Continued

The Fayetteville Free Library. Image courtesy of Holmes▪King▪Kallquist & Associates Architects.

Library Friday: Visiting Fayetteville Free Library

Before I dive head-first into the second post of my Library Friday series, there is something I must get off my chest. I didn’t know what a makerspace was before starting my Masters in Library and Information Science at SU. There … I said it! Please don’t tell anyone. Luckily, I’m a quick learner and … Continued