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Teaching With Google Glass

Call it the wearable technology of the future, or call it a novelty – no matter which way you look at it (or through it), Google Glass certainly has potential to change the way we teach. Professor Rotolo’s “#RotoloClass” here at the iSchool has been popular for its unique classroom experience fueled by live twitter … Continued


An Interactive Experience with the Leap Motion Controller at SxSW

“LEAP’ into the future with the Leap Motion Controller and transform your computer experience from one controlled by a mouse and keyboard to one controlled completely by your hands and fingers. It’s an experience that we are most familiar with from devices like the Nintendo Wii or Microsoft’s Kinect, but now a small device allows … Continued


Harvey Levin at #SxSW: TMZ’s Resident Media Genius

If you have ever watched TMZ then you probably like celebrity gossip. You know the man, Harvey Levin, who “runs the show.” He sits in the newsroom sipping on his bottomless mug of coffee while listening to pitches from his producers about the hottest celebrity stories of the day from Hollywood, New York and around … Continued

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Crisis Communication Lessons at #SxSW2013

SXSW conference. The epicenter – the Austin convention center where 20,000 people are gathered. People are injured, there are mass casualties, cell phone service is down and chaos ensues. The most important thing that happens immediately after a crisis is communication, according to Brandon Brewer. Allowing emergency services to communicate and allowing the public to … Continued


Explore the Tech of SU Ambulance

Andrew Bauer, an EMT at Syracuse University Ambulance, will be the first to tell you that there is no such thing as a typical night shift at SUA. Little did I know, I was about to find out for myself. [youtube] The night started out like any other, I met Bauer at SUA’s headquarters … Continued


Preview: Explore the Tech of SUA

Syracuse University Ambulance (SUA) provides one of the most essential services available on campus here at SU.  But how does the SUA team respond to emergencies and students’ needs so quickly and efficiently? The well-trained, dedicated members use a variety of technology to do their jobs every day. Next week, you’ll get to go behind … Continued

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What is Tinder?

You probably wouldn’t want others to say it, but do you sometimes think of yourself as the shallow type? Do you like to, for instance, window shop for your next meet-up? Well if it sounds like I’m describing you, then you’re the perfect fit for Tinder. Imagine taking out your iPhone and being able to … Continued


Tweet History With Timehop

As we kick off a new year, many of us take time to reflect on the previous one. But what if you want to look back more than one year? A time machine that only goes back one year probably won’t do you much good. That’s why Timehop, a “social catchup service,” is now making … Continued


Does Waze Really Work?

If you’re traveling for the holidays, then you’ll want to take note of one of my favorite smartphone GPS apps available today. Waze is a social or community-based traffic and navigation app. The best part? It’s free for Apple and Android smartphones! So what exactly does a community-based navigation app do? It does everything Google Maps or Apple … Continued


What’s New With YouTube?

Maybe you love watching countless videos of cute babies or cats. Maybe you occasionally like to check out a music video or two. Whether you are the avid YouTuber or just the occasional online video watcher, you will notice something new next time you head to YouTube. The popular video sharing website is now sporting … Continued