The Madness That Is Flappy Bird

 HOOKED! The first 20 times I played, I could not get past the first pole. I just could not for the life of me get the bird to go where I wanted it. I told myself, “okay, this is ridiculous, stop the madness and delete the game.” But I couldn’t. Within the first 5 minutes … Continued


Sesame Chicken and Rice with Krista Canfield

Appetizer Throughout the #SBinSV trip, I learned so many things about myself and about what I want to pursue in my future. As Day 4 of this trip came to a close, I became aware of the CRAZY potential that I have with all of the opportunities that the iSchool offers. As sophomore, I am not … Continued


What is Pheed?

Pheed, currently the #1 Free Social Media App in the App store, ahead of Facebook and Twitter is taking the Internet and the app world by storm. In addition to the app, Pheed also has a website with all of the same features. Pheed was launched in October, 2012 and its popularity has continued to grow ever … Continued


The Buffalo Sports Roadtrip: An Engaging Journey

This past Friday, 38 iSchool majors and minors, including myself, boarded a bus for this year’s iSchool Sport Roadtrip. This year’s trip was an Upstate NY version of last year’s incredible NYC Roadtrip. Everyone on the trip was given the opportunity to visit with the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres and enjoy some sightseeing at world-famous … Continued


How Does Facebook’s Poke Compare to Snapchat?

             This past Friday, Facebook unleashed the Poke app in an attempt to become a force in the hugely popular self-destructing messaging market that Snapchat has recently dominated. In the early days of Facebook, the poke feature was simply used to get someone’s attention, sort of like a wink or a “look at … Continued


What is Snapchat?

If you haven’t used Snapchat, you most likely have heard your friends talking about “snapchatting” each other by using this wildly popular app. Snapchat has been around for more than a year, but it is just currently sweeping the globe. It has skyrocketed to #3 on the iTunes free app chart as of November 27, … Continued


Tracking Your Teams: The Top 5 Sports Apps

As you may know, November is one of the busiest months in the sporting world. The NFL and college football leagues are in the middle of their seasons and college basketball and the NBA are just getting started! Mobile apps are my favorite way to keep track of my favorite teams and players. They help … Continued