Jill Hurst-Wahl

Long Days Held Close to the Heart

Editor’s Note: Associate Professor of Practice Jill Hurst-Wahl is stepping down from her role as director of the iSchool’s Library and Information Science program this summer. She offers this reflection from her 5 years as program director. There is no job description for an iSchool program director and each program director defines his or her … Continued

group of happy college graduates standing in a row

New Grad Student? Some Advice For Your Academic Path

At the start of every fall semester, I think about my own first semester of grad school. I went to grad school before the Internet, and before computers were ubiquitous. What was important then–as it is now–was the community that I joined. Unfortunately, that community could not instantly impart wisdom to me about looking for … Continued

Dont bury the lead: Put the answer upfront

Students in IST 486/686 yesterday reminded me of an old adage – Don’t bury the lead. Burying the lead is something that we do all the time, even in social media. Look at a news web site and you can quickly understand what any story is going to be about.  A good headline should make … Continued


A man wanted to learn how to work with jade, so he could make a living carving this semiprecious stone into jewelry, statues and other objects.  He went to a master jade carver and asked to learn all that this carver knew, and the carver agreed.  He told the man to come back the next … Continued

Jill’s alternative to the 2014 Beloit College Mindset List

Each year Beloit College releases its mindset list about incoming freshmen.  For some reason, this year’s list of what has impacted their mindset didn’t seem to contain things that I thought were relevant, so I’m creating my own. Incoming college/university freshmen were born in 1992.  Here are some other things that you need to know … Continued

Time Management

I had a couple of wonderful conversations last week with graduate students about their fall course load.  In order to help  them think about their schedules, I asked a lot of questions.  In order to help you think about your schedule, I’m putting the questions below for you to ponder. If you take classes back … Continued

When you come to visit the iSchool…

I’ve lived in Syracuse for nine years and many times have been asked for advice about what to do when visiting.  We all have our favorite hang-outs and must-dos, so this is just an attempt to compile my list in one spot for those of you who want advice before hitting the ground in the … Continued

Conference Season 101

Many professional conferences are held in good weather because that’s when people are willing to travel, which means that we have entered conference season. A conference is a time to connect with others and learn, as well as make  your knowledge known. All of that takes some preparation and forethought, so here are a few … Continued

LIS students: Have you created your librarian trading card?

I don’t know which library or librarian started the trading card movement, but I’ll blame it on Carleton Library since they seemed to have been first.  Instead of business cards, they created cards similar to baseball trading cards.  These are real “keepers” and I have two hanging in my office! Since 2005, library people have … Continued

Digital “librarians”

I wrote and published this blog post on Dec. 22, 2009 because there are always questions about what one can do with a certificate in digital libraries.  Today I spoke with an incoming graduate student about this and figured that it was time to republish this blog post in Information Space. Since I teach graduate … Continued