What is 3D Printing and How Does it Work?

The phrase 3D Printing has popped up in the media everywhere from Jay Leno’s garage to the cover of multiple tech magazines. Many people are curious to learn more, but given the adolescent stage of the technology there isn’t much information to be found. Here I try to address that lack of information. Q: What … Continued

Maker Faire

Open Hardware Summit & World Maker Faire Video

On behalf of Little Tinker and The Starship NEXIS, Chris Becker and myself migrated to NYC to attend the Open-Hardware Summit and the World Maker Faire where we explored and shared in the possibilities of this emerging industry based around creative and collaborative engineering that has the potential to impact every economy and industry.  Please enjoy … Continued

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The Open Source Hardware and Maker Movements: Reshaping America

“We invent things in America; we don’t make them here.” You may have heard this statement before, referring to the idea that American companies are good at creating the next big thing, whether iPhone or automobile, but the manufacturing process just can’t happen here anymore. It’s an idea that has become far too common. This … Continued


#140conf: It takes a Team to give a Talk

All that the audience saw, in the theater and world-wide, was Professor Rotolo and myself get up for a one-two iSchool punch at the 140 Characters Conference in New York City.  By all accounts it was a successful trip to #140Conf2012 and people were generally excited about the “State of NOW” as we are creating … Continued


What is the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act and is it Different than SOPA?

Back in January when the SOPA Bill was on the verge of passing I challenged you on Information Space “to learn, to consider, to learn some more and then to choose your stance on SOPA and PIPA” hoping that you would stand with us at the iSchool at Syracuse University to keep the sharing of information open to all. Thankfully following the worldwide blackout of Wikipedia, Reddit and our very own iSchool page, among countless others, SOPA was indefinitely shelved by the Senate. This was good, until recently when the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, emerged as the most recent proposed legislation in digital information sharing as an effort to combat “Cyberthreats”.

SXSWi Banner

SxSW Talk with Saul Colt: Big Marketing on a Small Budget

It’s a question every bootstrapped startup has: how do we generate a user base, sales or any kind of buzz around our product, service or company without having the budgets of companies like Coca-Cola or Facebook? Fortunately, as #140Cuse Speaker and Head of Magic for FreshBooks Saul Colt pointed out during his SxSW talk, there are awesome ways to do big marketing with virtually no money.


SxSW Startup Spotlight Demo: Sphero the iPhone Controlled Ball

Sometimes we run across a toy that brings out the wonder of being a kid and sparks our imagination; when we do, it’s a fantastic feeling. Usually, I associate this feeling with the products produced by Disney’s Imagineers (i.e. Space Mountain, Epcot, etc.). However, I was very fortunate to have such an experience while attending … Continued


14 Online Resources to Learn iOS Development

Mobile development, specifically iOS development or development for the iPhone and iPad, is becoming an increasingly in demand skill. Last year Apple sold a record number of iPhones, and sold out of the iPhone 4S pre-orders before it even hit the market. Therefore, it’s not surprising that we are seeing solicitations from a variety of sources, like family-owned convenience stores and local newspapers, looking for Objective C programming talent to develop their very own iPhone app.


What is Kickstarter? A Startup for Crowd Funded Ideas

Ever had an idea and thought to yourself: “Wow, I bet I could make that into something really great.” We typically call these ideas million dollar ideas. However, getting the funding, let alone a million dollars, to breath life into your idea has always seemed to be a complicated, frustrating and convoluted task. Until recently that was very much the truth. Thankfully from this frustration formed one of the most disruptive startups we have seen since Henry Ford turned the horse industry on its head. If you haven’t heard about them yet please allow me to introduce you to Kickstarter.