Advice for Spring Breakers: Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

March is upon us, which means one thing for college students: a week off in a (typically) tropical place. Homework is the last thing on your mind and your priorities have become debating how late to sleep in and when to have your boozy brunch. Remember that although you’re on vacation, not everyone is! Social media doesn’t … Continued


Why It’s Time To Quit Snapchat

I remember sitting in class over a year ago when Snapchat came out. I looked to the person next to me and thought “this app is for sending nude pictures! There’s no way I’m downloading it.” Yet here I am today, almost embarrassed to admit that I have Snapchat as one of the four icons fixed … Continued


10 Years with Facebook: How We’ve Grown and Changed

It’s unreal to think that social media powerhouse Facebook is turning 10 years old. 10 years ago, I was about to start high school back home. At that time, Facebook was solely meant for college students. It was in 2006 (in the early part of my high school years) that Facebook announced that it would soon … Continued


How Buzzfeed Is Taking Over The Internet

Like many of you, I watched the Golden Globes last Sunday night. I caught all of the awkward hugs between celebrities, stammering from award winners, and unforgiving camera angles. During one uncomfortable part of an acceptance speech, my friend said ” well that’s going to be all over the Internet in the morning.” And it … Continued


5 Things To Consider Before Applying To Graduate School

Upon completing my undergraduate studies, I was faced with a difficult decision: do I face the real world head on or do I spend more time learning in graduate school? Nervous about the real world, thirsty for more knowledge about information security, and unsure of the answer to the dreaded question “What do you want … Continued


Snapchat’s Security Breach: It Could Have Been Avoided

You’d probably be embarrassed if the ugly selfies you sent on Snapchat were revealed to the world. But what about your phone number? At the very end of 2013, Snapchat was forced to deal with a security breach that led to the release of millions of users information being released.  Rough End, Rough Beginning The … Continued

Snapchat’s Update Brings New (and Ridiculous) Features To Users

Editor’s Note:  This post was updated May 1, 2014 with the announcement of additional new features.  Please scroll down to read more about video chat and new text messaging features. Snapchat released yet another update recently. Snapchat, the popular social networking site that allows users to send ten seconds videos and pictures to each other … Continued


Why I Want To Quit Facebook (But Haven’t Yet)

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Foursquare. Social media apps we all use everyday, right? But there’s one of these things I can’t stand, but check anyway. Can you guess which one? I am so sick of Facebook, yet I spend a disgusting amount of time scrolling through the same old new stories and advertisements on my Facebook feed. … Continued

final exams

How To Survive Finals Week

It’s our favorite time of year, right students? Winter Break is in sight, but it’s being blocked by the mountains of studying you have to do first.  I’m on both sides of the spectrum. I’m currently a full time grad student and a graduate assistant for a class with over 230 students. Trust me, finals is stressful no matter … Continued