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Lake Placid and Whiteface Mountain with Zach and Steve

A Weekend at Lake Placid with Zach Wilder and Stephen Nemy | VIDEO

Road Trip!

I’m sure by now you know about our awesome road trips through the iSchool. But this vlog is not about that. This vlog is about how seniors from the iSchool, Zach Wilder and Stephen Nemy, are creating lasting moments and spending their last few weeks together on a bonding excursion to Lake Placid.

Weekend Warriors

Zach and Stephen are dedicated iSchool students who also happen to both be Peer Advisors. Long story short: they love the iSchool. But on weekends they do like to escape our dual monitors and weekly labs they’re trekking mountains on recreational service trips. This week they went to Lake Placid where they ventured to Whiteface Mountain, one of the highest mountains in the state of New York!

Olympic Style

Want to see an olympic style ski jump that’ll blow your mind?! Zach and Stephen react to the Olympic ski jump at Lake Placid that seems dangerous for almost any human. They go for the bobsled and skeleton instead, seems much more fun and much safer.

Wait, I thought this was an iSchool vlog. Why are they in the mountains?

This vlog may not have featured the iSchool or the information technology industry, but it does highlight the amazing place that is Upstate New York.

If you noticed in the video, this is just one of the recreational service trips Zach and Stephen have been on. Sometimes, as Syracuse University students, we get caught up in only finding things to do on campus and not exploring our surroundings. Yes, it might be cold and snowy and you might do almost all of your work in front of a computer, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing what upstate New York has to offer!

Morgan Lyons

Morgan Lyons

Morgan is the currently a Student Editor for InfoSpace. She is majoring in Information Management and Technology with a concentration in Digital Retail strategies an a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. She is an iSchool Peer Advisor and a brother of Phi Sigma Pi, The National Honors Fraternity.

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