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Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation

Pick The Parks & Rec Character You Identify With and We’ll Tell You Why You Should Go on the Hometown Road Trip

So you’re still wondering if you should apply to the iSchool’s Hometown Road Trip: Syracuse. If you’re somehow still not convinced, I’ve put together some reasons why you should go on this trip based on which Parks & Recreation character is basically you.

P.S. did you know that ALL iSchool students can apply to the Hometown Road Trip, regardless of year? If you’re already sold, apply here. Application is open until January 30 at 11:59 p.m.

Leslie Knope Dancing GIF

If you’re a Leslie Knope

Do you love this town? Do you believe you have more to offer this city? When you get yelled at, do you just hear people “caring loudly” at you? Are you a workaholic?

Then you’ll want to go on this trip to head to the heart of Syracuse, City Hall, and meet the Innovation Team. As an aspiring public servant, you’ll will meet fellow problem-solvers who use data and technology to make Syracuse a wonderful city to live in.

And while Syracuse might not have a girl’s club called the “Syracuse Goddesses,” no one is saying that you can’t start one while you’re here!

Ron Swanson Approval GIF

If you’re a Ron Swanson

Do you want to see the benefits that private industry has on local economies? Are you fearless in the face of technical challenges? Have you climbed a utility pole in your lifetime? (Maybe don’t answer that one.)

Look no further than National Grid, which is one of the Hometown Road Trip’s site visits.

This shouldn’t take much convincing. Visit National Grid. Learn the ins and outs of supplying power to an entire city and all of the problem solving and project management that goes into that.

End of speech.

Ben Wyatt Cones of Dunshire GIF

If you’re a Ben Wyatt

Are you a game fanatic? Is a round of Settlers of Catan your idea of a great party? Are you a numbers and data person? Is your eBay username TallTyrionLannister?

Then you’ll definitely want to go on the Hometown Road Trip to visit, “an online hub for all things geek culture.” If you love games and tech, you need to visit this place.

Not only that, but is a company that is passionate about Syracuse and contributing to Syracuse culture. Like Ben, it’s cool to be passionate about a quirky place that’s not even your hometown.

Who knows, maybe during your internship you’ll invent the next big game and win free wireless internet for the entire City of Syracuse. Crazier things have happened!

Donna Meagle Live Tweet GIF

If you’re a Donna Meagle

Did you upload your “Quest for Coffee” to Instagram Stories this morning? Did you live-tweet your favorite show last night? Are you a social butterfly and accidental influencer?

Then you’ll want to visit Terakeet, an SEO and digital marketing firm right here in Syracuse, and Eric Mower + Associates, a full-service advertising and marketing agency with an HQ in downtown Syracuse.

Also, did you know Syracuse was recently named one of U.S. News and World Report’s top 100 best places to live? And that our best assets are our low cost and high standard of living?

If you’re like Donna, you’re looking for a good job in a low-cost city so you can travel to Kuala Lumpur and own a condo in Seattle. When you live in Syracuse and you’re not spending half of your paycheck on your rent, you might have some cash left over to Treat Yo’ Self.

April Ludgate Help GIF

If you’re an April Ludgate

Maybe, like April, you’re not sure what you’re good at or what your strength is. Maybe you have trouble putting yourself out there. Maybe you’re considering designing your own major in Halloween Studies.

If this sounds like you, the Hometown Road Trip can help you figure things out. It’s super low-risk: it’s only one day, you’ll visit 5 companies that all have internship opportunities, and you’ll be surrounded by supportive people the whole time. It can’t hurt, so why not apply?

Remember how April’s Parks and Recreation internship turned into a job? Remember how it helped her find her true passion at the (fictional) American Service Foundation?

Even the apathetic April understood the power of exploring your options and networking. Go. Explore. Have fun!

Jerry Gergich Close-up GIF

If you’re a Jerry/Larry/Garry Gergich/Gengirch

Sorry, Jerry, I think the trip is full. Maybe next time!

(Don’t tell Jerry, but the Hometown Road Trip is definitely not full – you can apply until January 30 at 11:59 p.m.!)

Apply to the Hometown Road Trip: Syracuse


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