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Dos and Don'ts of EntreTech NYC

Dos and Don’ts of EntreTech NYC

As I sit to write about my EntreTech experience, it is hard to choose where to focus and write about. The trip was packed full with workplace tours ranging from rented spaces in WeWorks to multiple floors of the Empire State Building.

However, as I prepare to write, what I want to share are my insights about the Dos and Don’ts to maximize future students’ EntreTech experience.

EntreTech NYC Dos

Do: Prepare

Before heading to any of the companies, I would advise students on the trip to prepare before arriving at the company. This piece of advice I find is applicable to more than just this trip but learn as much as possible about the company so that then you can create a list of questions to ask.

Do: Ask Questions

Questions are important. The questions that you ask can range from how the alumni came to arrive at their company or something more applicable to you and your individual interests. Questions show the presenter that you’re interested and further engages a deeper conversation.

Do: Have Confidence

While talking to past Syracuse University students at the Alumni events, it can be daunting. However, these events are important and could lead to a summer internship. So first impressions are key, begin with a smile and a warm handshake. Before asking any questions it is equally as important to share a little information about yourself, so introduce yourself! Your name, year, major, and interests in school and maybe even what you’re looking to get out of this trip. Overall, the alumni are there to help and are on your side.

Do: Follow Through

Throughout the trip you will meet many people, it is easy to lose track of people’s names and positions. So after you’ve interacted with alumni and asked your questions, it is equally as important to follow through with them or the interaction was for nothing.

I would suggest that you ask them for their business card or information at the end. Then when you have some free time, I would recommend finding them on LinkedIn and sending personal invitations to connect with them to stay in touch. Remember: the alumni that you meet on this trip are on your side and want to help. Syracuse University has an incredible network, but it is up to you as well to take advantage of the potential.

EntreTech NYC Dont’s

Don’t: Overpack

For EntreTech, the key to surviving the long day of traveling throughout New York City and visiting all the companies lie in having the appropriate clothing and shoes. However, keep in mind that the dress code for EntreTech is snappy casual. There is a chance that you will be more dressed up than most of the actual company employees, however, it is better to be overdressed than underdressed especially when trying to make an important impression.

Don’t: Be Shy

EntreTech is an immersive program designed for students to get a first-hand experience of what a start-up company life is like. So while at these companies it does not benefit you if you are silent the whole time. Be engaged and get the most you can out of this unique experience.

Don’t: Be Tired

Be warned, the EntreTech week is a long week and you will be on a nonstop schedule during the whole week. Now that you’ve been warned, I would advise you to adjust your sleep schedule so that you can maximize the amount of sleep you can get. As well as consuming as much caffeine that you can, if you’re a coffee addict like me.

Hopefully, this advice will be a helpful guide and reference before you depart on your EntreTech journey. Best of luck to you future EntreTechers!

Want to be an EntreTech-er? You’re in luck: the next EntreTech NYC trip is in January this academic year, and the application is open! ALL Syracuse University students are invited to apply. The deadline to apply is November 3, so send in your application today!

Wondering where EntreTech NYC went last time? Here’s the full list of companies (a whopping 40+!) that participated in EntreTech NYC, whether through a visit or participating alumni. Explore the companies for yourself:

Xia Lapides

Xia Lapides

Xia Lapides '19 is an iSchool student majoring in Information Management & Technology and is a member of the NEXIS Lab. Xia is currently studying abroad in Copenhagen.

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