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YouTube Red: What’s With This New, Ad-Free Subscription Deal?

October 28 (today) is the launch date of a new YouTube subscription service called YouTube Red. It’s a monthly subscription-based version of YouTube aimed to give viewers “the ultimate YouTube experience.” So what does $9.99 a month get you with YouTube Red?

1. Ad-free videos

Now, I will be the first to admit that ads at the beginning of YouTube videos are really annoying, so I’m actually pretty excited that YouTube Red is offering ad free watching. Gone will be the days of having to sit through the same two ads before trying to watch the latest Grace Helbig or mcsportzhawk video when I’m doing my weekly binge-watching of YouTube videos. All you have to do is sign into your YouTube account, and this feature will extend across all platforms from your phone to your desktop computer.

2. Offline video

Much like Spotify Premium allowing you to listen to music offline, YouTube Red will allow you to watch video offline. You’ll be able to save videos to a playlist you can access offline, and YouTube Red will even compile a playlist for you based on your watching history.

3. Background Play

How many times have you switched apps while trying to watch a video or listen to music on YouTube, leaving you frustrated that you have to keep the app window open? Well, YouTube Red has solved that problem. If you’re listening to music or watching a video on YouTube Red, you can switch between apps and still listen to the audio of what you’re watching.

4. Exclusive content from your favorite YouTubers

This is a feature subscribers will have to wait for, but the biggest pull of YouTube Red is exclusive content that will be made by your favorite YouTubers. This feature is set to roll out next year, but with YouTube Red, you’ll be able to see exclusive movies, television shows, and shorts that you can’t see anywhere else. YouTubers that have already started creating this YouTube Red exclusive content includes Collegehumor, PewDiePie, and others.

Free Subscription

Starting October 28, you’ll be able to sign up for a free one-month subscription to YouTube Red, according to YouTube officials.

Looking for some more info about YouTube Red? Listen to what Vlogbrothers vlogger John Green has to say about the service:

So what do you think? Are these perks worth paying $9.99 a month, or do you think you’ll just be sticking with your current YouTube experience? Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are about YouTube Red!

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