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LIS Brief: Librarypreneurs

Did you watch the Knight News Challenge?

Librarians are going BONKERS—and no, I don’t mean they’re pursuing careers as police officers after being washed out of the library or show business (reminiscent of Bonkers D. Bobcat). They’re running rampant trying to “build more knowledgeable communities.” Rebecca T. Miller gives you a “taste of their range.”

I had the pleasure of watching Jason Griffey present at ALA Midwinter 2015 and I personally can’t wait to Measure the Future. Griffey and his team plan to use open hardware to create smart libraries to collected metrics about library building usage.
[vimeo 119369782 w=500 h=281]
The University of Technology Library (UTS)  in Sydney, Australia, which publicly informs students about how many computers are available on each floor, is just one example of how measuring library usage can lead to a better decision making process for both library patrons and librarians. It’d be nice if this was extended to places like Starbucks too; I’d know which one to avoid in the morning. If you want keep up with the movers and shakers, feast on this!

+ “The old image of an entrepreneur as a scrappy, independent risk-taker has been replaced by the reality of individuals incorporating innovative ideas in more traditional settings.” From The Entrepreneurial Librarian.

+ Keep an eye on The Entrepreneurial Library Program at Johns Hopkins University too. They have a client showcase worth checking out if you are interested in “designing and implementing tailor-made library and information services.”

+ “Entrepreneurial librarianship is about change management, and while it might be argued that those who have responsibility for libraries and other information services should be able to direct change without resorting to entrepreneurial management, it is certainly a natural and appropriate step to look to entrepreneurial librarianship as a framework for making the change process easier and (in organizational terms) more acceptable” (Clair, 1996, p. 40). This is a book worth reading if you’re a risk taker, especially chapter seven, “The tangible payoffs: making a profit from the organization’s investment in information services.”

+ …and then there’s “11 Of The Coolest Librarians From Pop Culture, Because Not Every Librarian Is Like the One From Your High School.” Yes, Taystee from Orange Is the New Black made the cut. No, Mrs. Frizzle didn’t (The Magic School Bus Librarian).

+ Not a librarypreneur, but a social entrepreneur, Paul Polizzatto, President and Founder of CBS EcoMedia launched “Viewers to Volunteers” (V2V), “a new multi-screesn digital giving platform that empowers people to give to the charity of their choice without spending their own money.”
I wanted to know how that was possible, so I tried it. You can sign up using one of your social media accounts or your email. Then the webpage informs you it looks empty and that you should post something ‘awesome’. I watched two videos, and I knew exactly who I want to pay homage to. Nah We Yone & Telem Center for the African Child are two non-profit organizations I volunteered as a camp counselor for when I was an undergraduate; it was one of the most rewarding experiences ever! I blame my mentor Wilma L. Jones, Chief Librarian at the College of Staten Island Library, and Diana Musa (recently New Yorker of the Week) for getting me involved. V2V gives you the opportunity to give public kudos to those non-profits that are positively changing the lives of others.

#Library Projects funded by Kickstarter.

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Which Knight News Challenge idea was your favorite?

Carl C. Haynes

Carl Christopher Haynes is a Library and Information Science graduate student at Syracuse University School of Information Studies. He serves as the Graduate Student Government Representative for the LIS department. He indulges in running, cheesecake, and poetry.

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