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Google and the Future: Large-Scale Video Display Screens

Google’s entrance in Zurich in 2011

Watching Tom Cruise’s character in The Minority Report manipulate different screens is fascinating. This is one of the many examples of science fiction technology that is now becoming a possible reality. Mary Lou Jepson has been leading a project with Google X to develop large-scale video display screens. This would create a display for users that can incorporate many screens into one.

Mary Lou Jepson’s determination and team

Jepson initially was a professor at MIT and is also known for her project One Laptop Per Child. She was also the founder of Pixel Qi, which specialized in screens made for sunlight. While the OLPC project failed, Jepson’s work with Gecko Design is what led to the product design company working with Google X on the display screens. The team has been working on the project since 2013. Google X has also recruited some engineers from Qualcomm and Samsung, but ultimately Ars Technica reports that the team is small.

Piecing the screens together like LEGO building blocks

The concept of the screens is not dissimilar to “LEGO” pieces, as sites such as Gizmodo have pointed out. The screens would be a means to multitask different applications. One screen could be used to check e-mail, another screen to watch television and another screen to video chat. The screens would be able to be manipulated in size and shape so that each screen would be able to be fit within the large display as modules.

Google has declined to comment on the project, but The Wall Street Journal was able to talk to a few who were familiar with its progress.

“The big challenge is to electronically, and through software, do the stitching between the seams,” an insider said. If they are able to solve this problem, then this would make the modules fit together on the display in a cleaner way.

Google X is also secretive about the information on who the screens are being developed for and why they are as well.

Google X and the world of tomorrow

Google’s self-driving car

Google X has quickly become the focal point of many headlines in technology news today. Google X is known for their secrecy and futuristic endeavors as The Wall Street Journal pointed out, including a self-driving car, contact lenses to help those suffering from diabetes by measuring blood glucose levels, and balloons in the stratosphere to provide Internet.

Despite this knowledge, however, we outside of Google X do not know the breadth of what they could possibly be working on. We are only beginning to see the start of what the future might hold; will Google continue to stay at the helm?

Thoughts on the Google’s large-scale video display screen project? Would this capability be helpful to you? Share in the comments!

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