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Samsung Combats Apple’s Latest With Brutal Ad Campaign

Apple Inc has certainly taken the industry by storm with its new products this fall, including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch, and the Apple Pay service.

The technology company is currently the most valuable brand in the world according to the Interbrand Best Global Brands annual report, surpassing Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, and even Google. Headlines haven’t been all positive, however, after the alleged iCloud security breach, Bendgate scandal, and now blatant attacks by Samsung via advertisements.

A History of Competition

The latest ad campaign isn’t anything new for Apple’s biggest competitor. In 2013, Apple revealed an inspiring 60-second promo to get customers excited for the new iPad Air. The video highlighted the various uses for the tool, including those of scientific, academic, and recreational natures, while comparing it to a number two pencil.


Samsung fired back with a satirical video mocking the supposed inspiring potential the iPad Air possesses. The video was ultimately an advertisement for their new Galaxy Tab Pro, which was presented as a tablet with much more prospect than Apple’s latest tablet.


After Apple’s September press release where they unveiled the new product line, Samsung didn’t just release one snarky video, but rather an entire campaign dedicated to mock the company.

The #NoteTheDifference campaign and the title “It Doesn’t Take a Genius,” consists of a series of six 30-second spots published to YouTube on September 10. Each highlights a different aspect of Apple in an attempted humorous yet obviously derogatory way.

They all present two “geniuses,” which represent Apple’s store culture, as they are infamous for their Genius Bar staffed by their utmost technologically savvy Genius workers.

One video mocks Apple’s excitement over the new and improved screen sizes, since it’s a relatively common feature of new phones to have bigger screens. Another jabs at the lack of a stylus with the new smartphones.


Aside from the physical characteristics, or lack there of, of the products, Samsung also makes remarks about Apple’s service and streaming capabilities. The geniuses in the commercials are far from genius, and constantly goof around as well as casually throw the products around. One of the videos has the pair stuttering and stumbling over their words in an attempt to parallel the technical difficulties almost everyone endured while trying to live stream the press release last month.

Then and Now

Just days after the aforementioned campaign was released, Samsung released a TV commercial poking fun at the iPhone 6 Plus’ unoriginality. According to Samsung, Apple is no longer dismissing the Galaxy Note, but is instead imitating it.


The competitor used the sixty seconds to highlight not only the similarities of the two smartphones, but more so the advantages of the Galaxy. These advantages include multitasking and handwriting recognition capabilities.

Samsung used real tweets and articles, which improves the ad’s credibility. How credible is an ad, though, that relies on the flaws of its competition to stand out?

Galaxy Note 3 Ad
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Bend to Those Who Are Worthy

In another attempt to surpass Apple, Samsung released a visual advertisement after consumers stepped out about their iPhone 6 Plus’ bending.

The phenomenon known as #bendgate has been receiving widespread attention just weeks after the phones were released. Aside from troublesome consumers intentionally bending their phones, a handful of iPhone 6 Plus owners announced that certain pocket placements may indeed cause accidental deformities of the very slim device.

Samsung took this blunder to their advantage by creating an ad showing a bent iPhone 6 Plus bowing down to an upright Galaxy Note 3 with the caption “Bend to those who are worthy.”

Samsung still promoted their own products in all of these advertisements. They essentially used the supposed disadvantages of Apple’s technology to showcase the advantages of their own products. Whether this is a defensive response to Apple’s latest gadgets or a clever marketing tactic depends on whom you ask. One thing’s for sure: the Apple vs. Samsung rivalry isn’t going anywhere.

Do you think this will improve Samsung’s media reputation? Or will it only increase attention for Apple? Weigh in in the comments below or tweet me at @meganminier!

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