5 Reasons You Should Be Blogging


Blogging is what I consider a hidden social gem. As an online platform to document or share ideas, blogging can be the most liberating form of social media, given that it is without any limits on topic discussed or the number of words used.

With blogging, you can put yourself out there through a different outlet. It’s a curveball from the usual Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like. Most companies and organizations have blogs to share with readers of their recent activity or any related content. Roughly 7 million people blog regularly and over 75% of Internet users read blogs or have read one. (More interesting blogging statistics can be found here.)  Almost everybody knows about blogging, but not everybody decides to submit a post or manage their own blog. To all skeptical readers, I challenge you: why not?

Here are five reasons why you should type out and submit your thoughts.


1. Everybody Has a Voice

“I have nothing to talk about!” is quite easily the oldest excuse in the book. People are easily persuaded by their own belief that they are not capable of producing content which other people will be interested in or want to read.

Whether it be cooking, gaming, or traveling, it’s all but guaranteed that someone will be interested in what you have to say. All you need is one person to have an audience. One can grow to two, and then continuously multiply, forcing you to dive into the vicious and addicting blogging cycle.

2. Money!

While it can’t be guaranteed, online entities will often pay for your articles! Crazy, I know, but people around the world often make a respectable living from blogging.

With a strong topic and enough editing, your Paypal account may just gradually gather funds with each post you submit. There are no set hourly wages or salary, but a single article can potentially be worth anything from $5 to $100, depending on your content. You aren’t apt to get rich overnight, or even after a year, but it may be a great side job!

3. Creativity and Originality

In the blogging world, you are not expected to fit a blogger’s mold because that simply does not exist!

All writers are encouraged to stay true to their own personal style and beliefs. To all you free spirits out there, this may be great news for you! Blogging is a great way to write any thoughts that may pop up in your head. Plain and simple, this brief form of writing can even help strengthen personality and originality by allowing you to practice literary freedom.

4. “Limited” Rules

Blogging as a discipline is so obscure, nobody really knows if they are blogging correctly, aside from some general do’s and dont’s.

It is a constantly a challenge to cater to readers while staying true to yourself. Yet, this challenge poses a healthy strain on the mind to produce interesting content and may make you crave new writing styles. Unless you are working for a company, there are absolutely no rules on length or content of your posts. If you do not like restrictions, fewer rules may make for more genuine content.

5. Inspiration from Other Bloggers

One of the main reasons I blog is to get inspiration from other writers. Currently, I read travel blogs for hours on nearly a daily basis to get a feel for these bloggers’ writing styles and their interests while abroad in a different country. Some of my favorite blogs are about two of my personal goals: traveling across the world and living in France. Liz at Young Adventuress posts regularly about her current adventures in New Zealand while Lisa at Ella Coquine talks about leaving everything in America to live in her beloved country of France. Following their thoughts and ideas truthfully inspires me to be fearless and to regularly maintain my own blog for my audience, whether how small it is.

blog yellowAside from pure interest, reading work of other bloggers is great inspiration to start or continue writing your own blog. (A reason why you should blog is to ultimately become the inspiration for other up and coming bloggers.)

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The more you blog, the more you will realize how liberating writing can become.

I challenge you to write something about your interests, ideas, or thoughts and submit it to any online public blog. For those more adventurous or more experienced, why not start your own blog? You can get started on popular blogging platforms like  Blogger, WordPress, tumblr, SquareSpace, Quora, and much more. Some platforms are even connected with Google making it even easier to create and manage your account. What’s stopping you from deepening your online presence?

Have you got thoughts or comments about blogging or starting a blog? Let us know here!

Hikari Matsuo

Currently, I am a senior in the iSchool majoring in Information Management and Technology with a Global Enterprise Technology minor. Recently, I picked up a growing interest in the upcoming Internet of Things and am curious about its applications in the future. Tweet me, connect with me, let's talk!

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