Digging Into The “Hot or Not” App: What’s It All About?

The app “Hot or Not” is a free and trending app that is available for both iPhone and Android devices. It also has the ability to be used as an app linked to your Facebook profile.

OK, so now let’s dig right in. Its main purpose is to rate people as “HOT” OR “NOT” (hence the photo 2revolutionary name.) When you rate somebody as hot, and they rate you as hot, then you become connections (and instantly become a match made in heaven for hotties). When you’re connected, you get to chat with each other, build upon your superficial connection, and maybe find something in common besides just looks.

Prior to rating somebody, you have the ability to look at multiple pictures that they choose to upload. This is key because they might only be hot in one picture (and then things would be terrible if you rated them positively). If you aren’t shallow, you also have the ability to look at another user’s location, interests, and an “about me” section before you jump to conclusions and rate someone as hot or not.

In my eyes, if somebody likes Nicki Minaj, they are WAY hotter than the average One Direction fan. Pressing the “heart” or the “X” button is a tough decision and can’t be taken lightly. You also can see if they have any Facebook mutual friends, which may bring things right over the edge and land them into hotness.

 photo 1The overall scale of hotness is a factor of 10. The highest that I have ever seen someone rate is an 8.50, so it is VERY hard to be a “10” on “Hot or Not”(but you can try). This number is calculated based on the number of people who rate you as hot, vs. those who don’t. For example, if 100 people voted you as hot (yes!) out of 250, than your rating would be a 4.00.

The social part of this app, besides the ability to connect with people who like you back, is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram integration. When you see your score, you are able to post it to any of these social networks to let all of your friends know that you are HOT! I am sure that they will all appreciate this update and want to hang out with you because of your hotness (I can’t blame them). 

The main reason for the “Hot or Not” app popularity is through its actually very smart Vinephoto marketing campaign. The folks behind the app ingeniously paid famous “Viners” to make vines, both funny and creative, promoting the app to their millions of followers. In turn,  their followers started to use the app AND more importantly, people who were not being paid wanted to get in on the “Hot or Not” Vine trend by making their own Vine about it, without being paid! This effort created a ton of buzz that really helped the app climb the charts and gain users.

Overall, the “Hot or Not” app could be improved in a lot of ways; I mean A LOT! It is often glitchy and changes your featured picture, which is a travesty to some. It also could utilize some more in-depth match criteria besides only finding people who live around you or have mutual friends on Facebook. However, the concept of rating people is fun and addicting, which is often enough for some people to use an app. I’m really curious to see how the app progresses over time and if the people behind it choose to target it towards being social, or as a dating app.

Have you used “Hot or Not”? How have you rated? What are your thoughts on the Vine campaign? I would LOVE to hear whatever you have to say in the comments here, or on Twitter via @JoeyCreighton. 

Joey Creighton

Joey Creighton '15 studied Information Management and Technology at the Syracuse University iSchool, with minors in Public Communication Studies and Sport Management. Connect with him on Twitter: @joeycreighton

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