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Now Hiring: Information Space Bloggers

It’s that time again! Students have returned to campus and Information Space is once again recruiting new bloggers.

If you’re reading this, you are either a reader of InfoSpace already, or you saw this tweet on social media; either way, if you’re a Syracuse University student, you’re eligible to become a member of our team.

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Here are a few facts about InfoSpace:

  • We’ve been publishing posts by (mostly) students, but also by faculty, staff, alumni and friends on topics in the Information field, Monday through Friday, year-round, since September 2011.  
  • Student bloggers have been hired into full-time positions and internships, based (at least in part) on their work on Information Space.  
  • Information Space currently receives about 120,000 page views per month.
  • Some of our most popular posts have had upwards of 100,000 page views each.
  • In 2013, Information Space received in excess of 1,000,000 page views!

Pretty cool for the smallest school at Syracuse University, right?

So what are we looking for? We want student bloggers who are interested in exploring tech topics, as they relate to any number of fields.  Our content ranges from post on Snapchat and Netflix, to 3D Printing and Augmented Reality.  We also love Startups and Entrepreneurship, New Librarianship, Internet Policy, Apps and Mobile Development…the list goes on! Every blogger has their own niche and experimentation is encouraged.

You never blogged before? No problem.  If you can write, you can blog.  We’ll help you get started.  Not sure you can come up with new ideas on a regular basis? Never fear, I offer a steady flow of content ideas.

Sound Interesting?

We are HIRING bloggers (and video producers)…which means you will be paid $20 per post.  It won’t make you rich, but we do recognize the time and effort our bloggers put into their work.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Current SU student (not exclusive to iSchool).Once the grammar has been learned, writing is simply talking on paper and in time learning what not to say.  Quote by Beryl Bainbridge
  • Ability to commit to two posts or two brief videos per month.  More are welcome, but we need a minimum of two per month.
  • Ability to attend meetings or workshops from time to time (flexible schedule)

If you’re interested (and we hope you are), please submit:

  • Links to your social profiles: Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Writing sample or two.  A link to your blog or other online articles you have written would be sufficient.
  • Video sample, if available.  We’re interested in including more video in our blog posts.
  • Your topic of interest (examples): Social Media, Mobile Technology, Startups/Entrepreneurship/Innovation, Information Security, Libraries and Digital Information, Big Data/Data Science, IT Careers/Job Search/Networking, Information Policy, Gadgets, Apps…you get the picture.
  • Year in school and major
  • Answer this question:  What is your favorite InfoSpace post, and why? 

Please submit the above to me at by Friday, January 31.  I will take a look at all of the submissions and contact you by Friday, February 7 (or sooner) with an answer.

Tweet at me if you have any questions. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

Kelly Lux

Kelly is the former Executive Editor of Information Space. Kelly currently teaches courses on Social Media, Online Community Management, and Content Strategy and Application, and she is currently the Assistant Director of the Communications@Syracuse program.

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