hopTo: Free Document Editing App for iPad

If you are an iPad user like me, there have been times when you wanted to edit a Word document, or update an Excel spreadsheet while on the go.  But since Microsoft Office is still not available for iPad, you’ve had to wait until you were working on a laptop or desktop.

Thankfully, hopTo, has created a free application called “hopTo” which allows iPad users the ability to not only edit, but also create Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets. Additionally, through the app, you may view adobe files and PowerPoints as well as photos.

hopTo is Free and Easy 

The Apple App store has a few apps that compare to hopTo such as “Pages” or “Numbers” but they are individual apps and they both cost $9.99 each. One of the greatest drawing points to hopTo is not only that it is easy to use, but it is also free. What could be better?!

How it Works

When you open the application for the first time after download, you will register using your email address and a password. From there, it is time to get typing. You will be presented with a “Connect” box in which you may select to download documents from your Dropbox account, Box account, Google Drive account, and even your documents from your Windows PC computer. After that, it’s time to edit.

HopTo has completely changed their interface and has made it fairly simple to navigate around the documents. The editing capability is great and they have even added a “Track Changes” option so that you know what edits you made from your iPad. 

Thumbs Up

All in all, I have been very pleased with the hopTo application. I love that they redesigned the interface of word and excel, and have made improvements where they feel they needed to. I  thought that I might have made a mistake continuing down the iPad trail, but now that HopTo has created their application for editing and creating Word and Excel files I am confident that the iPad was the way to go. Check out the photos below as a give a visual to what the app entails.  (Click on any image for a better view).


The above image shows how you will “Connect” with the various services. From Dropbox, to Box, to Google Drive, to Windows PC.



Above is how documents are presented when you first open them in the application.



Next is an image showing how the format option works. As you can see you can choose fonts and change the font looks such as color, underline, bold, and italics. You can also change the size and the font style. 



This image shows how the Paragraph option works. Primarily, that deals with the alignment of text.




Lastly, we can see that above we are focusing on the insert option. The insert option allows you to add images from the web and your iPad as well as adding a table into you page. Next to the insert option itself, you see a little icon which is the “Track Changes” option which you can turn on or off depending on your preference. 

Are you using hopTo? Have you found something similar we should know about? Tweet me @ceek22 or leave a comment below. 

Constantine Konugres

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