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Inbox Zero – the constant search for a clean and empty email inbox – is more attainable thanks to a service called Now, instead of hundreds of e-newsletters clogging up your inbox every day and burying important emails, you can take control of what you receive., which first launched in beta in June 2012 and then did a major redesign this past April, has two major features that help to manage the inbox: the option to unsubscribe, and the option to create a rollup of all existing newsletters.

Creating an account is simple. For now, you need to have a Gmail, Google Apps, or Yahoo email account. ( reports that AOL email addresses are coming soon.) Once you’ve connected your account and allowed access to your inbox, takes a couple of minutes to scan and compile all of your e-subscriptions. (For those nervous about allowing a third-party access to your inbox, uses authentication services like Gmail’s Oauth to ensure security and privacy.) 

Once is done scanning, you can get started using its two major features: unsubscribe and rollup.


The usual process of finding the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each e-newsletter, following the link and going through the several steps (including the guilt-ridden one of explaining why you are unsubscribing), can be time-consuming and often difficult. saves time by offering the option to unsubscribe from every e-newsletter with just one click. You may receive a final goodbye email from the e-newsletter, but in seconds you can rid yourself of hundreds of emails per day.

Gone are the newsletters that only made it into your inbox in exchange for a one-time discount at a store, or when in a moment of panic, you obliged when your neighbor asked you to sign a petition for some political cause. with email chaos versus an inbox zero

Add to rollup

There is a reason why you receive e-newsletters. At some point, you determined it would be worth it to find out more about a company’s product or an organization’s mission. Luckily,’s rollup service allows you to keep these subscriptions while still controlling your inbox. 

The rollup sends a daily digest of all of your e-newsletters. You create the rollup after has searched your inbox. Instead of choosing “unsubscribe” as you might have before, you can opt for “add to rollup.” This way you can still review all the deals, calls-to-action, event invitations, or daily horoscope, but you’ll only have one email, instead of 15. will start to add new subscriptions automatically. While this is valuable, it is worth reviewing your rollup regularly, since some e-newsletters you might be used to seeing in your inbox will magically disappear into the rollup.’s service is free, but after five unsubscribes, it requires you to share a message on Twitter, like it on Facebook, or send and email to several friends promoting the service. They’ll surely thank you for the additional message.

How do you manage your inbox? Have you used before? Let us know in the comment section!

Sam Edelstein

Sam is an alumnus of the iSchool's Information Management and Data Science programs, and works as the City of Syracuse's first Chief Data Officer. Sam loves to talk all things Orange, tech, and travel. Connect with him on Twitter @samedelstein.

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